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You can create a blog using websites such as (my personal favourite), or Many people blog about life, experiences, photography and may review things they come across.
You pick it up as you go along and on the website you might sign up to, it should guide you round and help you out until you know what you're doing :)
Fellow blogger, :)
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What is a blog?

A blog is an information or discussion published on website orWorld Wide Web,called as posts. Basically, the blog is referred aseverything thing where you can include others t

What is blogging?

A blog is simply an online journal that is frequently updated likean online diary but generally for public view. A blog usuallyreflects the personality of the author or the we

How do you get a blog?

If you want to get a wordpress blog, create an account at Make a blog when you sign up (it's on the signup form) and then you're off! Go to your blog dashboard

How do you blog for children?

When it comes to blogging for kids you must be able to keep there fulll interest. If they even slightly loose interest they'll sop returning for more. Think of this the number

What can you do on a blog?

Its up to you what do you want to add in your blog. It depends uponyour requirement. There are some options available to add pictures,videos, infographics, anchor text links e

How do you blog anonymously?

You can use any of the free online blogging platforms such as to blog. You are not required to use your real name.

How do you blog on Twitter?

Twitter is more or less like a micro-blog . You need to tell whatever you wanna tell in 140 characters . After you sign up in twitter, you can find a 'What are you doing?' box

How do you blog on stardoll?

You can use your Starblog, Make Entries Talk About Topics AND EVERYTHING! It is very simple and easy to use. You can visit some of the many Stardoll Blogs and they give you t

How do you blog successfully?

Write interesting articles daily. Don't write to often or too far apart. Try to keep a steady writing process going. Ping search engines often, but not too much. Include pictu

How do you blog on sparknotes?

As far as i know there is no way to blog on sparknotes; i have been trying to find a way myself for the past hour and i don't think it is going to happen.

How do you blog safely?

Just make a blog without putting all you confidential information in it. That is the best to do to be safe.

What are blogs about?

Blogs are basically small-sized websites that are store houses of information. It can be of any topic, any style or any language. They reflect the views of a particular person

What can blogs be?

To be honest, they can be about anything you want them to be. They don't have to be about a specific topic. They could be about your everyday life, or if you have a hobby you

How do you blog on Tumblr?

Tumblr is very simple if you play around with it. Try following new blogs to make posts come up on your "Dashboard" When you have a post that you see that you like and want on