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How do you calculate a 12 month average balance on a loan?

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The answer depends on when interest is calculated, how frequently payments are made, the interest rate being charged and the life time of the loan. There are a number of "interest calculators" available on the Internet that can probably show you the answer - working out the answer from scratch means you'll need to add on the interest for each payment / interest cycle over the 12 months and then you can work out the average. If your using this to calculate your interest then an accurate calculation will depened on how your interest is calculated ie. daily monthly semi-annual, or annual. The simplist answer is take the balance of the loan at the end of each month, add them together and then divide by 12
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How do you calculate the percent in a loan?

% over 100 = is over of. the % divided by 100 is the same as loan over the total. do cross multiplication...% x total = 100 x loan. divide both sides by the coeficient (which

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You are able to find out what monthly payment you will have to make. Simply put in loan amount the loan term in months or years, the interest rate and the start date of the lo

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amount finaced=cash price - down payment

How is the average daily balance calculated?

it is the sum of the daily balance divided by the number of days in the billing cycle

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Cut & pase this link into your browser: http://rws.rwstools.com/templateroot/Calculators.asp?PVLID=26316 Or you can do it the hard way: payment = Balance*(int/(1-(1/(1+i

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