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How do you calculate an average balance on your bank statements?

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add all of the balances together and then divide that number by the amount of balances that you added
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How is the average daily balance calculated?

it is the sum of the daily balance divided by the number of days in the billing cycle

How do you calculate the least count of the balance?

The least count of the balance has been given in the balance itself.Otherwise place the weight in the balnce and check the result in the balance.If the result shows for 1kg i.

How is boiler heat balance calculated?

it is calculated by subtracting all the losses and loss due to steam generated from total boiler input energy

Why bank balance as per the cash book does not tally with the bank statement?

When totalling a balance in an accounts system the company has paper records of monies expended and income. When the bank run their system the cash is still moving - some bill

How do you calculates average?

add all the outcome / example 15, 64, 21, 7, 10, 3 = 120. Then divide the sum of all the numbers by the number of numbers/ example, take 120 divided by 6=20. So the average nu