How do you calculate child support for two children in Texas?

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Child support is based upon the earnings and assets of the non custodial parent. The percentage set by law for two children is 25% of the total income of the non custodial parent. The amount however can be subject to amendment depending upon the individual circumstances of the parties involved.
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What would child support be set at if you make 75000 yearly for two children in Texas?

Twenty five percent, but if the obligor's net resources exceed $6,000 per month, the court shall presumptively apply the percentage guidelines to the first $6,000 of the oblig

Is per diem included in calculating Texas child support?

The court shall calculate net resources for the purpose of determining child support liability as provided by this section. Resources include: . (1) 100 percent of all wage a

Dad claims other children he does not have in child support calculation?

Does he have them 51% of the time? Regardless of any custody agreement, or court order the IRS has it's own definition of who the custodial parent is. Section 152(e)(4) define

How much is child support for two children in North Carolina?

An answer to your question isn't possible. The amount depends on the ages of the children, the income of the parents, health insurance, etc. You need to visit your local famil

Are you obligated to pay child support to children in texas if you are in prison in Indiana?

There is no way for an incarcerated parent to fully meet support obligations, unless of course, the incarcerated parent has a business or other form of income that remains uni