How do you calculate monthly average balance?

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Monthly average balance is the sum of daily balances in a month divided by the number of days in that month.
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How do you calculate average daily balance?

Answer Take the account balance at the end of each day's business. Add all of these balances and divide by the number of days. Average Daily Balance is the practice of cred

How do you calculate average balance on bank statements?

The average monthly balance is calculated by adding the ending monthly balance for the period (usually 12 months) and dividing this by the period. e.g. For a period of 12 mos

How do you calculate the average monthly temperature?

Answer . You add up all the average temperatures of the days in the month and then divide them by the number of days. I'm going to give you an example but in order to make

Calculate monthly sales growth?

To calculate monthly sales growth a sales company needs to comparethe sales from a previous month with that of the current month. Ifcurrent sales is divided by a previous mont

How do you calculate a 12 month average balance on a loan?

The answer depends on when interest is calculated, how frequently payments are made, the interest rate being charged and the life time of the loan. There are a number of "inte

How do I calculate the Average of monthly sales?

To calculate the average of monthly sales, you would need salesdata for a period of time such as one year. Then you would add upeach month's takings and divide by 12, as there

How do you calculate 3 phase kWh to amps when 8000 kWh monthly average is used?

It depends on the voltage. Please restate the question and provide the voltage. In general, however, simply divide total power by KV to get KA. Remember the KWH is an integ
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How do you calculate amount for monthly 943?

Calculating the monthly amount for 943 can only be done if more information is provided. This could be monthly checks, income, taxes, or expenses. Without knowing the exact re