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How do you calculate standard labor cost per unit?

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Divide one hour by the number of times the operation can be performed in that hour. 60 units per hour: 1/60= 0.0167 standard hour
Cost of the operation is the standard hour x number of workers x labor rate. For this example, with one person: 0.0167 x 1 x $18.50 = $0.309 per part
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How do you calculate motorcycle workshop labor cost to retail?

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How do you calculate total costs per unit?

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How calculate the direct material cost per unit per product type the six month?

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Calculate cost per ton-mile?

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How do you calculate the variable cost per unit?

    Variable cost is cost that varies with amount of production. In order to classify this cost, you must be able to decide if the cost can be directly related to the
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What is Direct costs per unit?

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