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How do you calculate the dollar cost of a loan When the loan is 14500 for 20 days with an annual rate of 12?

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Dollar cost of loan = Amount borrowed x interest rate x (days loan is outstanding ? days in the year (360)) 14.500 * 12%*(20 / 360) = 96.67
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How do you calculate the percent in a loan?

% over 100 = is over of. the % divided by 100 is the same as loan over the total. do cross multiplication...% x total = 100 x loan. divide both sides by the coeficient (which

What are the benefits of a home loan calculator?

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How are home loan rates calculated?

Home loan rates are calculated based on the buyers financial history, fiscal responsibility, and past home buying experiences. Martial status and age may also be factored in.

How are installment loans calculated?

amount finaced=cash price - down payment

How do i calculate loan payments?

Cut & pase this link into your browser: http://rws.rwstools.com/templateroot/Calculators.asp?PVLID=26316 Or you can do it the hard way: payment = Balance*(int/(1-(1/(1+i

What does the term annual percentage rate mean for a loan?

\n. \n APR \n. \nAnnual percentage rate, commonly referred to as APR, is what creditors charge consumers in order to allow them to make installment payments on rather la

What is the best personal loan calculator?

While there are many programs and sites that can calculate loans the best option is probably someone at a bank. I say this because a banker will always be up to date on all fa

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How do you calculate student loans?

 If you can, pay interest during your grace period or periods of  deferment/forbearance to avoid having interest capitalized (added  to your principal) on unsubsidized loa