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How do you calculate the dollar cost of a loan When the loan is 14500 for 20 days with an annual rate of 12?

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Dollar cost of loan = Amount borrowed x interest rate x (days loan is outstanding ? days in the year (360)) 14.500 * 12%*(20 / 360) = 96.67
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How are home loan rates calculated?

Home loan rates are calculated based on the buyers financial history, fiscal responsibility, and past home buying experiences. Martial status and age may also be factored in.

What is a car loan payment calculation?

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How do you calculate the maturity date of a 90-day loan?

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You have a single payment loan for 10500.00 for 123 days at 15 percent annual interest. Calculate interest due and the repayment amount .?

Interest =.15/365*123*10500 = $530.75 (approximate, depends on composite or accumulation terms) Total = $10,500.00 + 530.75 = $11,030.75 (approximate)

How do you calculate a 12 month average balance on a loan?

  The answer depends on when interest is calculated, how frequently payments are made, the interest rate being charged and the life time of the loan. There are a number of

What does the term annual percentage rate mean for a loan?

\n. \n APR \n. \nAnnual percentage rate, commonly referred to as APR, is what creditors charge consumers in order to allow them to make installment payments on rather la

Is the annual percentage rate usually lower than the actual interest rate on the loan?

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What is a home loans calculator?

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What is a personal loan calculator used for?

Personal Loan calculator is used for calculating the monthly  installments one has to pay after taking the Loan. It gives you  clarity on the principal amount, interest rate