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How do you calculate yearly average balance?

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It is calculated by averaging the balance after each day. This is then averaged with the closing balance after each month.
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What is the average yearly salary for a physiotherapist?

around $50-90k Canadian. You need a 3 year Degree to get into Physiotherapy, and some experience in the field to get to the higher wage bracket. A fair salary is around $35CAD

What is the average yearly income for a senator?

U.S senators currently are pair $174,000 per year. The salaries of state senators varies from state to state.

How do you calculate a 12 month average balance on a loan?

  The answer depends on when interest is calculated, how frequently payments are made, the interest rate being charged and the life time of the loan. There are a number of

How do you calculate average balance on bank statements?

The average monthly balance is calculated by adding the ending monthly balance for the period (usually 12 months) and dividing this by the period. e.g. For a period of 12 mos
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What is the average yearly precipitation in Brazil?

Most of Brazil receives from 1000 to 1500 mm (39 to 59 in.)of rain per year. However, NE Brazil is semi-arid, hot and dry, with severe droughts except directly along the Atlan

Average yearly income in Thailand?

  The average income for the average Thai person is around 10 000Baht\\mth for a full time job, girls working inn bars, maybe average around 40 000baht\\mth.