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add all the outcome / example 15, 64, 21, 7, 10, 3 = 120. Then divide the sum of all the numbers by the number of numbers/ example, take 120 divided by 6=20. So the average number out of all the numbers above is 20.
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How do I calculate the Average of monthly sales?

To calculate the average of monthly sales, you would need sales  data for a period of time such as one year. Then you would add up  each month's takings and divide by 12, as

How do you calculate an average?

The average is also called the 'mean' which is the sum of the  values divided by the number of values used. It represents the  number that all the values in the group would

How do you calculate average molarity?

  From my understanding, it would be like any other average. You would take the the molarities of the solations, and add them up, and divide by the number of molarities. F

How can you calculate average?

adding up all the data and then dividing the sum by the number of data you had (for example, the average of the numbers 1, 2, and 3 is 1+2+3=6/3=2)

What is the formula for calculating average speed?

Average speed = (distance traveled during some time) divided by (length of time to travel that distance)

Calculate average force?

  Calculating average force can be done in two ways, depending on the given information from the questions   First Option: F Average= Final Momentum-Initial Momentum di

Formula in excel to calculate average?

Use the AVERAGE function. Assume you want to find the average (mean) of a column of numbers in A1-A10 and show the results in C2. There are many methods you could use to c

How do you calculate average annual temperature?

well the way you calculate the average annual temperature is that say you have a country that's called Aberdeen,Scotland and you have al the temperature's of all 12 months. so

How do you calculate average trade debtors?

Average trade debtors average the number of days required for a  company to receive payment from its customers. A large number means  that a company must invest more cash in
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What are the three ways to calculate average?

The three averages are:    Mean: Add all the numbers together and divide by how many of them  there are.   Median: Sort the numbers into order (from least to great

Why do you calculate averages in biology?

Calculating arithmetic averages is the same in any situation. You calculate the sum of all the values and divide the total by the number of values.