How do you catch your wife if she is cheating?

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One option is to hire a private detective to follow the person in question. An alternative may be to place hidden cameras throughout the home.
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What do you do if your wife cheats on you?

If you both want to save the marriage, your wife needs to admit to the affair and end it as of this moment. She needs to have no contact with the man she was having the affair

Should you consider divorce or separation from your wife of 18 years after catching her cheating?

It's obvious your wife is searching for something she isn't finding in her marriage so ask her that question. Whatever it is, she's had enough chances and it's time you laid d

What should a wife do if she catches her husband cheating on her.?

Answer . Answer . If he hasn't cheated before then it's time to sit down and communicate because something is lacking in your marriage or, perhaps your husband is simply

How do you catch a cheating wife?

There are two ways to catch your wife if she is cheating: #1 you can ask a friend if he will drive you around to see where your wife goes and try to catch her that way or, #2

Can you catch your wife cheating?

You can - just depends on two things: if she actually is and how expensive you want to go in order to find out. Anything from nanny cams to private investigators can help you

How do you catch wife cheating?

You should check her phone while she is not using it, and check for signs like she doesn't want to have intercourse or she is always leaving. Or you can hire a private investi

What to do if your wife cheats on you?

First of all, my sympathies. Your wife has injured, maybe even destroyed, your ability to trust her. Trust is one of the most valuable parts of a relationship. You have a c

How do you cheat on your wife?

you don't. simple. ANSWER: Do you really wanna go there? If you want so badly the simple way is for you to see and talk to a divorce lawyer. Then move out so that way y

If he cheats on his wife with you?

Then in the unlikely event that he leaves her for you, he will one day cheat on you with another. You should move on, now. He's not worth it, and it's not fair to the wife who

How will your wife act when you catch her cheating?

yikes. When you catch her cheating, she'll act all surprised and say that him and her are just best friends. Her other boyfriend might agree, but say you know she's cheating.
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How do you catch your wife cheating on you?

ANSWER: If your wife is been acting strange or the two of you are having a problem, the only thing you can do is be a man and talk to her. One mistakes we all do is when coup
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What should a wife do if she catches her husband cheating on her?

First it depends on how long they were togerther...2nd it depends on how many kids they have togerther...3rd where she catches him. I know for a fact, Its nothing to want to b