How do you catch your wife if she is cheating?

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One option is to hire a private detective to follow the person in question. An alternative may be to place hidden cameras throughout the home.
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What do you do if your wife cheats on you?

If you both want to save the marriage, your wife needs to admit to the affair and end it as of this moment. She needs to have no contact with the man she was having the affair with, even if this means quitting a job. She needs to explain why she had the affair--what were the issues she had in your (MORE)

How do you catch a cheating lover?

Answer You can hire a detective for weekends only, but they don't come cheap. I tried it with my first husband and didn't get much of a report back so I became suspicious. The detective was slacking on the job and taking my money. My sister-in-law and I banned together (she thought her husband was (MORE)

Should you consider divorce or separation from your wife of 18 years after catching her cheating?

It's obvious your wife is searching for something she isn't finding in her marriage so ask her that question. Whatever it is, she's had enough chances and it's time you laid down the law. No, she IS NOT trying or she wouldn't be in contact with this other man. She fooled you into believing she was l (MORE)

What should a wife do if she catches her husband cheating on her.?

Answer . Answer . If he hasn't cheated before then it's time to sit down and communicate because something is lacking in your marriage or, perhaps your husband is simply trying to recoup their youth by having an affair with a younger woman. If he hasn't cheated before this then try to work thi (MORE)

Why did your wife cheat on you?

Could it be that the husband is taking advantage of his wife. If you are the husband, have you pay attention to her lately? If the two of you have children, does she ever get a break away from her children just enough time to get some rest, or maybe to fix herself so she will feel alive and sexy. (MORE)

How do you catch a cheating wife?

There are two ways to catch your wife if she is cheating: #1 you can ask a friend if he will drive you around to see where your wife goes and try to catch her that way or, #2 hire a detective on the days you feel your wife is cheating (sometimes it could be during the week or specifically on the wee (MORE)

Why did your wife cheat?

Maybe she lost feelings for you or maybe to get back at you. People cheat for many different reasons. Only she knows the answer to why she cheated on you.

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How do you catch a cheeting wife?

You can use a GPS tracker, little device sold mostly on the net or electronic stores. Its small, you can put it in your wife's bag. Each down she goes out you can track her, if she goes to unusual places, like some icognito's house, then it might be possible she is cheating!

What if you dream about your boyfriend is cheating and you catch them?


How can you catch your cheating husband?

If your really sure that your husband is cheating, one easy way to find out is hire a detective which will cost you money. Second is just go to him and ask him face to face so that way he will know that you know. But if the two of you is not on speaking term all you have to do is pay attention to ev (MORE)

What to do if you cheated on your wife?

My advice: Stop cheating and resolve never to do it again. Keep yourself away from tempting situations. Forgive yourself and seek counseling if you find the guilt too much to bear. But if you've genuinely made a mistake and have resolved never to repeat it, I would advise not telling your wife. I'm (MORE)

Can you catch your wife cheating?

You can - just depends on two things: if she actually is and how expensive you want to go in order to find out. Anything from nanny cams to private investigators can help you figure out if your spouse is cheating on you. Just be careful - if she isn't cheating, this may just drive her away.

How do you catch wife cheating?

You should check her phone while she is not using it, and check for signs like she doesn't want to have intercourse or she is always leaving. Or you can hire a private investigator. Or you can talk to her.

Your boyfriends wife cheated on him so he cheated on her Will he cheat on you?

no unless u do the same guys do that to get the pain out Answer Likely as not he will. Cheaters are cheaters because they cheat, not because someone has done them some perceived injury. They cheat because they choose to. Keep in mind that in your question you describe the situation as "You boyfrie (MORE)

What to do if your wife cheats on you?

First of all, my sympathies. Your wife has injured, maybe even destroyed, your ability to trust her. Trust is one of the most valuable parts of a relationship. You have a choice to make: end the marriage, or try to fix it. Hopefully, your wife wants the same thing. If she doesn't, you have no hea (MORE)

Did your wife cheat on you?

yes. we married for 6 years the firts time she cheated was because her friend was in the middle asking her to go with her to bar , seens i trust her i let her go thinking that she loves me and she wont cheat on me but i was wrong ...she confest to sleeping with a guy that she meet in the bar . she p (MORE)

If your wife knew you cheated on her will she cheat on you?

It depends on the individual woman. Many women who have been cheated on prefer not to scrap the bottom of the barrel by cheating on their mate to get even; some women will. ANSWER: Pardon me here but you do sound afraid because your wife caught your affair. Your guilt and conscience is showing b (MORE)

Why does the wife cheat?

They may not be sexually satisfied with a current relationship. or they may be happy with it but want a different relationship as well. WIFE CHEATS BECAUSE 1 Answer: [1] Yielding to temptation - [2] Being immoral - [3] Addiction to sexual romance This is the reason why wife cheats. It e (MORE)

How do you cheat on your wife?

you don't. simple. ANSWER: Do you really wanna go there? If you want so badly the simple way is for you to see and talk to a divorce lawyer. Then move out so that way your wife will not have no issue with you and she can avoid drama. Man! you are something you go to church? ANS (MORE)

How do you get your wife to cheat?

There are basically two possible situations here. You may want your wife to cheat so that you will have a good excuse to divorce her, or you may want her to cheat so that you too can cheat, and everybody can have more sex while remaining married, an arrangement also known as an open marriage. Frankl (MORE)

How does a cheating wife stop cheating?

Fear of losing her relationship/marriage. Try counseling. Sometimes cheating is just a manifestation of an underlying problem. When she decides the thrill is outweighed by the bother-which will inevitably follow.

Why does wife cheat?

because they might actually like it or it's because they might feel they need a pre-break up, where they need time to breath and relax with another man. or sadly, they might not just "feel the love" for you anymore.

If he cheats on his wife with you?

Then in the unlikely event that he leaves her for you, he will one day cheat on you with another. You should move on, now. He's not worth it, and it's not fair to the wife who has done you no wrong.

What to do when wife cheats?

That depends on what you want to do. It is in reality not unusual for couple to go astray on the odd occasion and for that matter it is also not unheard of that the other partner has simply ignored the fact that it has happened in the first place. The fact that some one has had a sexual relationship (MORE)

Coming from a wife who has been in this position how often does she think about her husbands mistress after she catches him cheating on her and if so what makes her think about her?

A wife that has been cheated on has heartache and an excellent memory and no wife likes to feel she is not good enough for her husband and then is replaced with another woman. By nature many (not all) women can be catty and generally jealous or nasty to another woman at the best of times. The wife w (MORE)

How will your wife act when you catch her cheating?

yikes. When you catch her cheating, she'll act all surprised and say that him and her are just best friends. Her other boyfriend might agree, but say you know she's cheating. I'd ask her who she choses. If she choses you, never let her leave the house unless you know where she's going, but if she ch (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of cheating on your wife with your wife?

It would help to know a little more about how you felt/reacted to the dream, during and after. Did you have a sense of remorse? Was it a pleasant experience? Maybe involving engaging in forbidden pleasures? During the dream were you aware that it was your wife, or did that occur to you later? For ex (MORE)

I cheated on my wife Do you think she will cheat back?

You're confessing about your affair, did your wife knows about what you did? Why worry about if your wife will do the same to you, unless you know that she might do it if she finds out. The problem that you need to worry about is how to tell your wife what you did. Then the normal life that the two (MORE)

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How do you catch your man cheating?

Check his cell phone. If that's a little too much then just ask him some questions, not ones that make you seem obvious in what your doing but normal ones. If you think hes cheating then try to pay more attention to him(:

What should you do if you catch your boyfriend cheating?

Since killing them is not really an option (in some countries), then what you have to do is let them go. Don't get mad or anything just et them know your done. I have been cheated on before and let me tell you it sucks. If you react over the top, which is what we want to do you let them win because (MORE)

How do you catch your wife cheating on you?

ANSWER: If your wife is been acting strange or the two of you are having a problem, the only thing you can do is be a man and talk to her. One mistakes we all do is when couples have problems, instead of facing and solving problems we avoid it and move on. So why not make time for your wife so the (MORE)

What do you do when wife catches you in her panties?

Basically, there are three responses to this sort of thing: . "That's disgusting -- I want a divorce!" . "That's weird, but if it's what you want to do, just buy your own!" . "Honey, you look great. You should do this all the time!" Apologize for keeping this a secret, tell her she is not th (MORE)

What to do when wife cheated on you?

Divorce her if you can't cope with the infidelity; if you think youcan make the relationship work, you two should seek couplescounseling. If you have children, family counseling... & yes,they do need to know because it does affect them & theyactually do absorb more than you think.

Should you cheat on your wife if she cheated on you?

I would say no, because two wrongs do not make it right. The two of you should talk it out (with or without a therapist help). If you cheat on her, may or may not make you feel better. Maybe you and her need time apart to work things through, however they turn out.

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What should a wife do if she catches her husband cheating on her?

First it depends on how long they were togerther...2nd it depends on how many kids they have togerther...3rd where she catches him. I know for a fact, Its nothing to want to be in that situation! To many different stories to tell. There is always 2 sides to the story!

How do you catch your boyfriend in a lie about cheating on you?

It seems you don't trust this person, if not, break up with him. Don't sneak around trying to "catch" him in a lie. You either trust a person or you don't. Trust is the primary factor in a relationship. You also are not married to him and can't control him. He has a right to friends as you do. Again (MORE)

How to catch someone cheating?

If you feel the one your with is cheating. First step is to evaluate the person your suspecting. Has there been any problems come up that can effect the partners behavior. If no, then look into the vast available technology at hand today. Beginning with the phone. If you can gain access to it, have (MORE)