How do you change a 2 year old boys diaper?

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easy. stop changing a two year old's diapers and start potty training.

problem solved. NEXT!
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Why is your 2 year old daughter afraid to take a bath or even change her diaper after she comes back from her fathers house to stay with her mom?

Personally I would imagine that there is one of two things going on. First the father might be telling the 2 year old horrible things that mommy will do if you let her take th

Do 2 year olds wear diapers?

my daughter refused to potty train till my son did and he did at 2 years old and she had turned 3, 2 months lbefore, but as soon as she saw him potty trained she did it over n

Can a 17 year old boy wear baby diapers?

yes he is still a kid alot of kids/teens wear diapers or pull ups ether because there parents make them or just because they wont two buts its normal and most kids/teens bladd
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Should a 13 year-old boy wear a diaper?

no they should be potty trained by now . if he really wants to then it should be his decision. he should and many others should be able to let family know if they really want