How do you change a 2 year old boys diaper?

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easy. stop changing a two year old's diapers and start potty training.

problem solved. NEXT!
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Why is your 2 year old daughter afraid to take a bath or even change her diaper after she comes back from her fathers house to stay with her mom?

Personally I would imagine that there is one of two things going on. First the father might be telling the 2 year old horrible things that mommy will do if you let her take the diaper off or put her in the bath making her afraid of her mother. Second and more likely is the father is sexually abusing (MORE)

How many diaper changes a day does a 1 year old need?

It depends on what you are feeding the baby and how many craps and piddles it takes in a day, how much pong you wish to endure and how sore you are prepared to let the baby get. It works out at about four to six changes a day while the baby is in normal health. this is really not right

Do 14 year olds wear diapers?

yes he is still a kid alot of kids/teens wear diapers or pull ups ether because there parents make them or just because they wont two buts its normal and most kids/teens bladders are not fully grown yet so that's one of the reasons why parents keep there kids in diapers longer. so if you see a kid a (MORE)

What is the overweight for a 2-year-old boy?

It is difficult to know if a 2-year-old boy is overweight without knowing his height.. For more information about weight in relation to height, and to see the distribution of weights and heights of children at various ages, please see the page link, further down this page, listed under "Related Qu (MORE)

How do you change the diaper on ds game my baby boy?

You have to touch the baby's feet and lift her legs up. Clean top to bottom until you see "clean" stars and touch the dirty diaper and drag it to the pail, tap the pail it goes in. Then drag new diaper on her. Hope this help.

Do ten year olds were diapers?

If they still wet there beds then they should wear them at night. But really no #2: If they have a madical reason of course, if they have a fetish why not, just its not good going around and telling people that you wear diapers.

What do you do if your 8 year old loves diapers?

Allow him to explore it. I know that I loved diaper as young as 5 years old and was ashamed to tell anyone, be greatful that you know and let him know that you still love them no mater what they choose to wear as underware.

Can diapers be used on a 13 year old?

yes, it's a good idea if he/she wets the bed. It is the best i love them yes,diapers should be used on 13 year olds,girls especially.they should wear the cloth diapers and plastic pants.boys should only wear pull ups or goodnites.many moms with 13 year old daughters put diapers and plastic pants o (MORE)

How do you wet a diaper at 13 years old?

well. . . if you have a heath or mental problem you just go. but if you dont and your doing it for fun let me first say it is normal and 10,000's of teens do it to, including me. just let go and dont stop yourself. or don't go all day and you will do it in your sleep but that is not as much fun.

How do you diaper a 12 year old?

If a 12yo would need diapers and have been checked by a doctor so you know why he needs them since this is not normal for a 12 yo, there are diapers for older children and adults. There's Up&Go just like there is for small children and also normal diapers. he should be able to put them on himself bu (MORE)

Can a 13 year old wear diapers?

Yes, if he/she constantly pees in their pants.. You just need to buy the right size to fit him/her until they fix the problem.

Do 9 year olds wear diapers?

Well the only reason they would would be problems or disabled but bedwetting would be worst but not in the DAY!!!!!

Do 2 year olds wear diapers?

my daughter refused to potty train till my son did and he did at 2 years old and she had turned 3, 2 months lbefore, but as soon as she saw him potty trained she did it over night!!!

13 year old boys changes?

boys change alot in who they like ,there wanna be tough act,an this is not all they want to be sexually active as in the are starting to think negative they want to start touching girls butts and also girls boobs and they think there stronger than ever but stay away from that kind of boy

Can a 2 year old girl and a 2 year old boy share a room?

Of course they can! Why not? They will only think its a big deal if you make it one, just casually tell them that they are going to have to share a room for a while or however long the period of time is Its not like they're 14+ Duh... they are only two. You may have to tell them when they get (MORE)

Why would your 10 year old boy want to wear a diaper?

a boy of 10 might be afraid that he has a wetting problem, and would be too embarrassed if this could happen when he is with his friends, so that is why he would ask to wear a diaper, he probably does not know that there are boys and girls protective underwear on the market made for just such a prob (MORE)

What is the diet of 2 years old boy?

The average diet of a two year old little boy should include protein and lots of fruits and veggies. Try to avoid lots of sugar, which will sometimes cause a sugar rush.

Can a 17 year old boy wear baby diapers?

yes he is still a kid alot of kids/teens wear diapers or pull ups ether because there parents make them or just because they wont two buts its normal and most kids/teens bladders are not fully grown yet so that's one of the reasons why parents keep there kids in diapers longer. so if you see a kid a (MORE)

Should a 13 year-old boy wear a diaper?

no they should be potty trained by now . if he really wants to then it should be his decision. he should and many others should be able to let family know if they really want to wear diapers all of there life or not because it can be helpful for some kids and older adults.

How do you change a baby boys diaper?

hm. Get a walmart or any small bag , take off the pants un wrap the diaper and softly pull the diaper get a fresh and lift the baby's legs and place the diaper underneath his butt. And lift the bottom up and grab the two sides and place the two sides on the bottom flap of the diaper

What do you get a 2 year old boy for Christmas?

Train Table with Train Set Thomas the Train Items Little Tykes Play-sets or Ride on Toys Radio Flyer Trickle Radio Flyer Spring Horse Bath Tub Toys (boat, tub markers) Little People Play-sets (Farm, Fire Station, Car Wash) Mega Blocks or Lego Duplo Sets Toy Tool Set with battery powered Drill Dump T (MORE)

Can a twelve year old boys voice change?

You have to wait... It will happen eventually although it is not unknown for it to happen this early in Puberty. It is normal for a boy of your age to have a higher voice than older boys. Puberty will cause your voice to lower, but it can take a few years.

How can an 11 year old boy tell his parents that he likes to wear pull-ups diapers?

My first question is where does an 11 year old get them if the parents are not buying them? If you are in fact 11 and can ask this question, you are probably intelligent enough to ask yourself why you are doing it. What are you afraid of in the growing up process. Sorry, it is going to happen and we (MORE)

Should you sexually abuse your 2 year old boy?

No! Never Should you abuse a child, in any way, shape or form! A child is inicent. Taking advantage is wrong, it can make the child feel like any of the following: Dirty Discusting Like it's there fault Depressed Abandond Scared Suicidal. Child abuse at any age, for any reason is wrong.

What diapers should you use for your 17 year old bed wetting boy?

Actually, most drug stores have various versions of adult underpants like Depends, and other absorbent undergarments for incontinence (bed wetting) that are barely visible and come in all sizes; they are pull-ups, and if you get the right size, they will not be visible under his clothes. But more in (MORE)

Is it normal for a 2 year old boy to touch himself?

it actually is, I took a child development class and a development of psychology for children class and both informed me that children around that age become curious. so they touch themselves and realize, it feels good. so they continue but one, as a parent, sibling or guardian, should make the chil (MORE)

Can a 17 year old boy wear diapers just for fun?

There are people who wear diapers for fun (I.e. they choose to wearthem just because). While I have to wear them for medical reasons,I don't see them as any "weirder" then people who enjoy lingerie ordress up, or any other thing that I would beat 90% of the US dosein their bedrooms behind closed doo (MORE)