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How do you change into a elite in Halo 3?

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you go to the start menu slide over to aperince then make your self an elite.
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How do i get elites on my side on Halo 3?

The elites are on your side because since they did a bad job of protecting one of the Prophets they made the Brutes their body guards and started killing all the Elites, this

How do you be an elite in Halo 3?

once in matchmaking, splitscreen, custom games, or campaign (lobby not actually playing) press start, then go right and click apperance. here you can change from spartan to el

Are there elites in Halo 3?

well yes there and THERE NOT DINOS PEOPLE... by the way grunts are those little ones with one big spike on there back. brutes:armored things that hit you when there armor is b