How do you change numbers into centimeters?

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You don't. You can change other measurements to centimeters, more specifically, measurements of length such as a certain number of meters, millimeters, feet, etc. But it doesn't make sense to convert pure numbers to centimeters. Or to any other measurement for that matter. +++ "more specifically" - in fact only units of length.
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How do you change centimeters to square centimeters?

Square centimeters is surface Area (length x width). Multiply length in centimeters by width in centimeters to find square centimeters. You need to know the shape and possibly

To change meters to centimeters?

Meters are the basic unit of measurement everything else is a factor of 10. The centimeter is perhaps the easiest to remember. Think of centi like the cents (US currency) in t

Change meters to centimeters?

To convert m to cm multiply by 100; and To convert cm to m divide by 100. The centi- prefix means one hundredth (1/100) → 1 cm = 1/100 m → 100 cm = 100 × 1/100 m