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How do you change the color of the video transitions in Windows Movie Maker?

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Unfortunately, you can't change any of the video transitions in Windows Movie Maker.
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How do you get narrative lines in my Windows Movie Maker videos?

Add narration to your movie  You can make your movie more personal by describing in your own words what happens in your movie. The following steps describe how to add narrati

Can you import videos from your digital camera to Windows Movie Maker?

You can import digital media from a camera into Windows Movie Maker, but only if it is in a compatible format for the program: Video formats for Windows Movie Maker: .asf,

How do you put PMB videos on to Windows Movie Maker?

If you have the latest version of PMB, select the video you want, then click on Manipulate. Then select Convert to WMV and save. After doing this you should be able to import

How do you mute a video in Windows Movie Maker?

To Mute a video in WMM (windows movie maker):    > With your video in the Time-line view of WMM    > Click the + button beside the Video track    > Right-

How do you get video clips on windows movie maker?

Video clips (as all media) must be Imported into WMM (Windows Movie Maker). Video files must contain the one of the following file name extensions:  .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m

How do you make a professional video using Windows Movie Maker?

Well, you can make a wonderfully creative video using Windows Movie Maker. And it can look very presentable (and professional) depending on the effort expended to make it. How

Can I make a picture-in-picture video in windows movie maker?

Windows Movie Maker (all versions) is a very basic video editing software applications with limited features... And a picture-in-a-picture is one of many features the program

How do you make a video loop with Windows Movie Maker?

There isn't a Loop feature in Windows Movie Maker. The video will automatically loop(replay) in media players or other portable media devices if the Auto Replay feature is ena

How To Silence A Video In Windows Movie Maker?

1st you select your clip then drag it into the audio box. After that right click and hit mute. Then drag it back to the video box then Bingo! You've muted your clip :D

Additional video effects and transitions for Windows Movie Maker?

Rehanfx.org has effects and transitions you can download, but the process is difficult (in my opinion). There is a video tutorial I found that has a gentleman who guides you t

How can you put transitions on Windows Movie Maker?

Transitions can be added to your Windows Movie Maker project in the Storyboard view of the program.    The space between each clip in the project is where Transitions a