How do you change the difficulty on Halo 3?

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When u pick the level u want while its loading u should be able to change it. go over to where it says whatever difficulty ur on u press it and then it should give u choices of easy,medium,hard,and legendary
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How do you change armor in halo 3?

say you are in the campaign menu. you then press start, you should have a menu that say things like screen shots and stuff. you then press right on the d-pad, select appearanc

How do you change your color in Halo 3?

if you press start on the menu and press right you will see the appearance menu. Go to that and it should show you all the options for you're armor

Is halo 1 harder than Halo 3 on lengendary difficulty?

yes it is To expand upon the answer above, most casual gamers would agree that it is. Halo 3 includes more features such as more grenades, more control, the introduction o

What level of difficulty do you have to be on to obtain halo 3 skulls?

Hello, asker of this question. The answer is the normal difficulty or higher. The game does not allow you to obtain skulls on easy difficulty because that would make the game