How do you change the language on Halo 3?

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go .... yourself in the menu
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How do you change your armor in Halo 3?

When you pause the game you need to scroll right and go down to appearance. There you can change your armor type, color, and emblem.. Note that you can only change it on the

How do you change armor in halo 3?

say you are in the campaign menu. you then press start, you should have a menu that say things like screen shots and stuff. you then press right on the d-pad, select appearanc

How do you change your helmet on Halo 3?

When in a Lobby or on the Main Menu press the start button. Press right on the Directional Pad and then press down until "Appearance" is highlighted. Press A Button and use th

What programming language does Halo 3 uses?

A look at Bungie's job board reveals that they're looking for programmers with C++, C#, .Net and SQL experience, so it's my guess these languages were used for Halo 3 as well.

How do you change your color in Halo 3?

if you press start on the menu and press right you will see the appearance menu. Go to that and it should show you all the options for you're armor

How do you change the difficulty on Halo 3?

When u pick the level u want while its loading u should be able to change it. go over to where it says whatever difficulty ur on u press it and then it should give u choices o