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Answer NOTE: Be sure to read all the comments for a more thorough answer. Not all people are qualified to work on swimming pool lighting systems or swimming pool electrical hook-ups. First I will assume that we are talking about an in ground swimming pool. Here are the steps you want to take to change a bulb. Remember you do not have to drain the pool to do this unless the pool light has to be changed and the water is very cold, even in this case you would only drain to the bottom or the light. So are you ready here we go: 1-Remove the screw at the top of the light. If you have a vinyl liner pool there will be an outer ring behind the face ring of the actual light. DO NOT REMOVE ANY OF THESE SCREWS. Once the screw is loose the light should want to float up and out of the niche in the side of the wall of the pool. If it does not then the light may be full of water, this is not a good thing, you will have to pick the light up off the hook on the bottom of the niche to remove it. 2-There should be enough cord to take the light and set it on the deck of the pool. If there isn't enough cord then the light was install incorrectly and you will either have to drain the pool to replace the bulb or you will need to replace the whole light this time making sure you have enough cord to set the light on the deck when you remove it. If the light is full of water inspect the fixture carefully to make sure it does not have holes if it does you will need to replace the whole light. If you see no holes then remove the light lens (each light is different but it should be self evident how to remove the lens from the light body) and inspect the lens gasket for failure. We always recommend installing a new light lens gasket when you change the bulb. If you had water inside the light and you can find no evidence of how the water got into the light then we recommend replacing the light for safety reasons. Once the lens off you can unscrew the light bulb be very careful when you grab the bulb we recommend you use a rag or a leather glove in case the bulb breaks while trying to unscrew the bulb from the fixture. If you have a halogen bulb it will just unplug. 3-Install the new bulb and new lens gasket and reassemble the light lens to the light body. 4-Now the fun begins you have a buoyant submarine that you have to put back in a hole in the wall it will be a little bit of a battle but with some practice you will have it in the niche and tighten the screw so it is in securely. 5-Clear anyone from the pool no hands or feet should be in contact with the water. Then turn the light on if the ground fault or circuit breaker trips then you have a short somewhere you will need either an electrician or you may need to replace the whole light fixture. In this situation we recommend an electrician who may tell you to replace the light but in this case better safe than sorry! Answer In the above: You failed to state to be sure to turn off the power and the circuit breaker. You also failed to tell them to inspect the fixture and cord for damage, age, corrosion. You also failed to state that any work on a pool light would require that person or a qualified electrician to update the system per codes and install a GFCI. You also negleted to state that an old fixture will not have the socket set in an epoxy shell. If this is the case the entire fixture should be replaced. My light does not have a screw in the metal ring around the bulb, or a hole for one. It seems to be on a hinge at the top. I can't get the bottom to stay in. There is at least 1 pin on the side of the metal ring that keeps coming out and the ring with the light shifts inside the housing with all the screws around it. The housing seems ok. Right now it's in, but if you touch the light it comes partially apart, mainly popping out at the bottom.
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