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How do you change your armor in Halo 3?

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When you pause the game you need to scroll right and go down to appearance. There you can change your armor type, color, and emblem. Note that you can only change it on the title screen and that it only shows up in multiplayer mode.
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How do you get skull armor on halo 3?

skull armor? no such thing lol, and i have unlocked everything lol, and i dont know if your meaning the Hayabusa armor or not, but to get that armor you need to collect all of

How do you change armor in halo 3?

  say you are in the campaign menu. you then press start, you should have a menu that say things like screen shots and stuff. you then press right on the d-pad, select app

How do you get recron armor for Halo 3?

  Recon armor is coveted by all good halo 3 players. But you cannot unlock it in any ordinary way. Bungie have recon along with the flaming head and give it out only to th

How do you change your armor damage in Halo 3?

  Press the X button when you are in the lobby and then look for the damage modifier option. There will be a huge range of options you can change and modify.   Press th
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How to get recon armor in Halo 3?

It's impossible to get flaming recon unless you are a bungie employee, you were given it, or a hacker. However, you can actually get recon by going on Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST a
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How do you get Asceti armor in Halo 3?

Ascetic Head - You must unlock the 'Steppin' Razor' http://wiki.answers.com/_whitney05/hub/Halo_Cheats. Ascetic Shoulders - You must unlock the 'Overkill' achievement. Ascetic