How do you change your armor in Halo 3?

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When you pause the game you need to scroll right and go down to appearance. There you can change your armor type, color, and emblem. Note that you can only change it on the title screen and that it only shows up in multiplayer mode.
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Unlock armor in Halo 3?

To unlock armor on halo 3 you need to get the skulls in campaign mode. You can get visual skull locations on youtube.

How do you change armor in halo 3?

say you are in the campaign menu. you then press start, you should have a menu that say things like screen shots and stuff. you then press right on the d-pad, select appearanc

Unlocking armor on Halo 3?

Yes, you can actually. There are 13 skulls in all. If you collect all of the skulls you will get hyabussa armor.

How do you achieve halo 3 armor?

Spartan Armours: Mark IV- Default. CQB- Default. Rouge- Get the spartan officer achievement (online only). EVA- Complete the campaign on normal or higher. EOD- Complete the ca

How do you change your armor damage in Halo 3?

Press the X button when you are in the lobby and then look for the damage modifier option. There will be a huge range of options you can change and modify.. Press the X butto
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Can you buy armor in Halo 3?

No you cannot. People will try to scam you for money/microsoft points. You have to unlock them through achievements. Go to google and look up how to unlock them.