How do you change your eyes during a fashion show on fantage?

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You can't chang your eyes during a fashion show. Once you bought some eyes, your old ones will disappear.
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How do you beat fantage fashion show mission?

Step one. you must go to top models and then you have to click scarlet with the red hair when you play the game the tell you too use the spine trap one beacuse it works better

How do you host a fashion show on Fantage?

You first have to go to downtown and all they way of the right end there is a top model inc. You go in and then on the upper right corner it says play you click it then all th

How do you fly on Fantage in a fashion show?

First when the judge chooses a theme you go to your inventory and click tab until its on the letter Y in the word inventory then you click enter.You might not see Your self

How do you use the computer in the fashion show room on fantage?

well u go in the fashion show room place on fantage then go near the computer and zoom in on it and hold down the yellow button until the screen turns blue. it will say someth

How do you bring your pets to fashion shows fantage?

Hello Fantagian! To bring your pet in a Fashion Show you: 1. Enter a hosted Fashion Show 2. When theme selected, go to your inventory and click the 'pet' bar on top.

How do you put you pet in a fashion show with you on fantage?

This is how you put your pet into the fashion show! Follow these steps: 1. Enter Fashion Show 2. When the theme is chosen, go to your inventory 3. on thr right side of you

How do you get to the judge place if your a competitor on the fashion show in fantage?

WARNING! THIS IS A 2012 FANTAGE GLITCH! TO TEST IT YOU MUST BE UNDERSTANDING BECAUSE IT TAKES TIME! I LOVE this glitch. I know how to do it over and over. So, just to go over

How do you win the fashion show in Fantage?

Well, you first have to look at all the theme's in the fashion show. List the themes. Now, once you have listed them, you shop for the clothes that you think is part of the th