How do you change your password on Foo Pets?

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kill your foo pet
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How do you get foo dollars on foo pets?

Buy them All you have to do is go to the bank and buy them,it takes real money though,and Foopets is a fun game and all,but I wouldn't recommend buying Foodollars.

What are Foo Pets?

Foo pets are virtual, online pets that are designed to be just like the real thing. You have to feed it everyday, you can bathe it, and even clean up after it. It's very fun.

What do you have to do to get foo bucks on foo pets?

If you are planning on having some secret way to get free foodollars there isn't one. I hate to tell you. But I did find an ad where you can download or print things and it wi

Where is the foo kennel in foo pets?

Sometimes while your playing it will say something about a foo kennel will show up at the bott9om of the screen and click it. Enrollment is is 10 foo dollars or 200 foo gems a
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Can you change gems to foo money on foo pets?

No sadly you cannot, but you do earn a daily reward of 5 FD (for basic club foo members) to 10 FD (for club foo plus members) and a Monthly Allowance of 50 to 200 FD :D Club F