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How do you change your persons color on Halo 3?

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You press start, right, and choose appearence. Then you choose spartan/elitte, armor, emblems, and colors.
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Is Halo 3 third person?

no it isnt,you dont even see you character,only when you die or when you change your armor,you really only see you guy's hand and gun   -roxas uchiha

How do you change armor in halo 3?

  say you are in the campaign menu. you then press start, you should have a menu that say things like screen shots and stuff. you then press right on the d-pad, select app

How do get Halo 3 third person?

The only way, without modding or hacking your game, to get a third person view in Halo 3 is when you are piloting a vehicle.

How do you change your color in Halo 3?

if you press start on the menu and press right you will see the appearance menu. Go to that and it should show you all the options for you're armor
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On Halo 3 how do you change your person on matchmaking?

To change your character for matchmaking and custom games, press the start button at the main menu or in any of the lobbies (campaign, matchmaking, custom games, theater), the