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How do you change your ringtone to a song on the Samsung fascinate?

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I don`t have this phone but, you can try recording part of a song. Or buying one online.
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Can you use iTunes songs as ringtones on your Samsung behold?

Yes its very simple. Connect your Behold to your computer and make sure the phones settings for USB are under Mass Storage. Next, go to "My Computer" and find your Behold. The

How do you change ringtone on your samsung c3050?

I don't know how to change the message tone, I'm trying to find that out. but to change the ringtone you find the music you want it to be then click options, set as, ringing

How do you change your samsung epic's ringtones from the one programmed?

1. go to settings 2.click on sound (third one down) 3.go down to incoming calls (4th on down) 4.click on "voice call ringtone" 5.pick which sound you would like. (if y

How do you change ringtones on Samsung gt e2550 mobile phone?

How to set ringtone on Samsung Monte GT-E2550 You can change your sound settings by following the instructions below, To change your sound profile, 1. In Menu mode, select Set