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Twitter can be used for chatting.

The way it works is that everyone in the chat is using a certain keyword (called a hashtag) in all their tweets. The applications are then grabbing all the tweets with that hashtag from Twitter and displaying them for the people who are part of the chat. Be careful though because your tweets are also going out to all the people who are following you.
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Is twitter a chat room?

It is a social networking website where you can talk and "follow" others.

How do you make a Twitter chat transcript?

You can use TwitterFall (google for it) and use that to copy the appropriate tweets by entering the hashtag of the chat you're following. Copy it into a document to do some ed

Where is Twitter chat?

You have to 1) Click on the person you want to chat to screen name. (This person has to follow you and you have to follow him/her. You can find the person's screen name in you

How can i chat to a celeb on Twitter?

you have to mention them. For example "@theiraccountnamehere" and you can send them a message that way. Sometimes they reply, but not always.