How do you choose house paint color?

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It all depends on the color that you want to paint your house.

The materials on your home usually dictate a certain range of colors that will look good. Sometimes the range is narrow, as on houses with pinkish or red brick. On these type of homes a neutral like taupe, khaki or gray is typically best. Other materials, like the very old blonde brick, allow for much more flexibility in trim colors. I've seen golds, plums, greens, terracottas paired with an earthtone on blonde houses and they looked charming. On multi-colored brick homes, most folks pull one or two colors from the brick itself to use on the trim.

If the home is all wood or stucco, it can generally support much more color and more vivid color. But consider the era of the home, and what other neighbors have done. Ideally, you are shooting for something that is unique or has some punch, without being garish or tacky. When in doubt, break up a stronger color with plenty of white, gray, brown, or a touch of black on certain parts of the trim and detailing.

I like to look at the immediate neighbors and try not to copy any of them directly. Again, just to give your home a little individuality.

Most importantly, buy samples of the paint colors you're considering, and mock up fairly big sections of the home with them. Never chose a color strictly from a paint chip. If you're still having problems, you could see if your area has a Color Consultant. Many big cities like Dallas will have a paint color help specialist.
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What is the best way to choose a paint color for a feature wall to accentuate an off-white coloured room?

choose a color that will accent your furniture etc, but has to also be a color you like or at least be able to live an example,bright pink would make a feature wall stand out but i sure couldn't live with it Answer need a color that will not clash with furniture but still off set the othe (MORE)

How do you paint a house?

There is actually quite a procedure to it. You'll need to start with figuring out what colors you want to have, what your goals are with painting ( like are you trying to hide any flaws, are you trying to highlight something in particular?). Will you need primer? Will you need to sand anything, remo (MORE)

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The California Paints website has a great section on historical colors. They have interior paint and exterior paint and you can browse by time period. Search for Craftsman colors. the colours are shown through images which can show 1000 words

How do I choose a paint color for my kitchen?

Well, it is usually recommended to first decide what colors you like by looking in home design magazines(you really don't need to buy them, just a quick browse will help) Then decide what fixtures in your kitchen will remain permanent then decide which of your favorite colors will go well with and (MORE)

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What color do you paint your house to sell faster?

Its been my experience working with real estate agents and brokers that any freshly painted house, done properly, in lighter shades rather than dark colors, is a good selling point. However, and to my surprise, I've been told numerous times that one of the best selling points for a home is a clean, (MORE)

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Should you paint each room in the house a different color?

This is a personal thing, and tends to work best if you do not have an open concept home, as it can become difficult to determine where to leave off one colour and start the next. I personally have always liked a home where each bedroom is a different colour. It tends to add personality to the room (MORE)

Best color to paint the interior of your house?

Choosing colours to paint your home is a very personal thing. You can trust in the experts by checking out several (no less than 5) different decorating magazines, to see what the new colour trends are. You can trust in yourself and check your closets and wardrobe to see what colours you most (MORE)

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Where can you paint the outside of your house any color?

Some cities have restrictions on color and some sections in a city may have other more strict ones. Some have none. You should have been made aware of any restrictions in your area when you bough your house. Some places tell you what you can have in your yard, where you can park or even if you ca (MORE)

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How can you choose colors to paint your house?

you have to choose an what your house looks like then look at the houses around you if you want it to blend in look at them and choose a color that will blend in but choose a color that isn't the same if you want it to stand out choose a color a that's out of this world if you want to blend but not (MORE)

How do you color paint?

I take a sample of the colour I want to my paint store and they tint it form for a small fee. The store I go to most has a colour computer and you put the sample under a lens and in a minute or two it comes up with tint requirements.

How do you choose a paint color?

It depends: are you talking one room by itself, like a master suite? Or is it an area within a common space, where many rooms are open to each other? If it's visible from several other rooms, you need to consider the flow of color from one room to the next. One easy trick is to pull a color from (MORE)

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Which paint color would brighten the rooms in a house?

Using lighter colors (i.e. shades of white, soft yellow) makes your room appear brighter and larger. Also using light colored accessories that blend into the wall color and mirrors will bring more light into the rooms.

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If, and only if, your rental agreement allows you the freedom to paint your house then you may paint it whatever color you find appealing. Most rental agreement allow you to paint (the interior) any light or neutral color within reason. If you choose to paint a darker color or one that is unusu (MORE)

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How do I choose long lasting exterior paint colors?

The longest-lasting exterior paint colors are formulated using organic pigments. They are usually muted colors leaning more toward creams, soft golds, burnt oranges, sage greens and black grays. Colors like bright reds, yellows and violets tend to fade quickly even in the best paints. If these colo (MORE)

What house paint?

All paints are pretty good but the best in my mind is Sherwin Williams. Many Locations comparable. Ask a local painter and why. He will tell you what he wants to use. Im in the southwest and we use Dunn Edwards or sherwin Williams because its what we do everyday and familiar with the products

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