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1. First decide what you want the camera for:
2. decide what type of pictures you want to take
3. what type of camera features are required for this
4. what size camera you want (SLR? Compact? Minature?)
5. What type of batteries you want/don't want to use
6. Price you are prepared to pay
7. Last of all, and only then, go to the Internet and look at Reviews, Comparisons, Tests, Blogs, articles.

(eg 1.
If you just want a fashion accessory that can take also pictures at a party, it must be:
- small enough to fit in a purse or jeans pocket.
- coloured either to match and/or contrast ( hair, nails, skin, dress, shoes)
- coloured for identification (since otherwise they all tend to look the same)
- have a flash (for indoor parties)
-fully automatic (an easy to use point-and-shoot camera)
-inexpensive (in case it's lost or another colour is required)
- low quality lens acceptable (even cheap cameras now take very good short-range pictures)

Seriously consider a mobile phone with a camera.
(Indeed, as the quality of the mobile-phone cameras now is so good everyone should at least consider this option: many now have 4MP cameras which is the minimum needed for reasonable pictures).

eg 2.
If you want to photograph slower-action shots:
- preferably it will have a viewfinder , although if the scene can be seen and panned on the LCD screen this may not be needed, but it's nice to have the option.

eg 3.
If you want to photograph fast-moving action shots (such as aircraft flying overhead as I do):
-A viewfinder is absolutely essential (I've tried doing it with the LCD screen and it's impossible)

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