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How do you chose the right camera for taking pictures of your children?

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The only way to choose a camera is to experiment with a few different brands and models. The most expensive camera isn't always the best. With good photo editing software, any photos can be made to look great.
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How do camera lenses take pictures?

  It's not just the lenses, of course. Lenses take light and focus it onto a surface that is sensitive to light, so that the surface can capture the image. It might be har

Can you take a picture without a camera?

Yes (of course, whatever you use will effectively become a camera, but I digress). Basically, a camera is a light-tight box with a hole in it that allows light to enter the

How do you take pictures from camera to website?

It depends on the type of camera and the website or service you are using, and the quality you want to upload the pictures in.    For a digital camera you can use the s

Do cameras have to have mirrors to take a picture?

No, mirrors are not needed for all cameras to take photos. The mirror is only used in a reflex camera (a camera where you look through the same lens as the sensor/film). Smal

How fast does a camera take a picture?

It depends on the shutter speed, if its a "point and shoot" camera the speed is determined by the auto settings of the camera. For a DSLR cameras you can control it manually,