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How do you clean dark green water in a swimming pool?

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ou may be able to go to a local farm store and talk with them about copper sulphate  Dark green coloring is usually caused by algae. Get some algaecide from your pool supplier. It will kill the algae and cause it to sink to the bottom, allowing you to vacuum it up.  If you are just opening the pool and haven't filled it up....empty it and start over. If that's not an option the use 3 or 4 bags of shock, plus 2 or 3 chlorine tablets, put it in the water let it settle, maybe 2 hours, vacumm the pool, back wash the filter when your done. See if its better, if not wait until the next day put another back of shock in , vacumm, and back wash again.  if your pool is green(algae), first treat it with either Clorox bleach or chlorine granules, depending on the size of your pool. once the green fades to a light green to yellow, empty the pool. prefered method is pumping into a storm drain or sewer. again, your pool size plays an important part on how to treat your pool's algae problem. be very careful on skin contact with the green and then the treated water.you may get in contact with some harmful diseases. rise skin with clean water then with an anti-bacterial soap.
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Can you use household bleach to clean your swimming pool water?

Not effectively. You should test the water first, then stabilize the Ph before adding anything. Bleach is basically chlorine and will kill some bacteria, but it fades quickly

How can you get the green out of your hair after swimming in a pool?

Wiki s have suggested: To prevent the green in your hair from a pool, just put hair conditioner on it before swimming (like some kind out of the shower nothing fancy). This w

I purchased a 12x30 vinyl pool from walmart The pool was clean I covered it and went of vacationNow I have dark green water. Nothing is sticking on the sides What do I do?


Do aedes or dengue mosquitoes breed in clean swimming pool waters?

Just about any mosquito can breed in swimming pool water, whether  it is clean or not, including Aedes and dengue mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes require stagnant water in which to

Is green pool water safe for swimming?

NO NO A LITTLE BIT of algae isn't going to hurt you. If you ever swim in a lake, river or ocean, there's algae present there. You probably even carry the algae home on your sw

How do you clean murky and green pool water?

To clean murky and green pool water, follow these steps: 1. First and foremost make sure you have good flow. Clean your filter and all your baskets. 2. Next, balance your

How do you get green color out of swimming pool water at season startup?

This problem plagued me for 4 weeks until I finally found a  knowledgeble person to help me. Use this technique and you can  clean a heviliy algead pool in 3 days.   

What causes swimming pool water to turn green when it is shocked?

If your pool water turns green after it is shocked with chlorine, it is too basic. Algae can thrive there now and it is green. Add pool acid (it may require several gallons) a

How do I clean pool water that is green due to metals?

  Answer   It may not be the "metals". How long are you running the filter and pump? When was the last time you cleaned the filter ( the large tank)? Have you added

Why would a salt water swimming pool turn blonde hair green?

  It is not the salt water pool or the salt water that is turning your hair green. It is a poorly maintained pool with a chemical imbalance - pH and total alkalinity out o

Why you get green hair in a swimming pool?

Its because of the chlorine. The blue color deposits on your golden color and creates an ashy green effect. The above is totally wrong. Chlorine does NOT cause green hair, cop
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How do you keep a swimming pool clean?

Pools are usually sanitized with chlorine which kills bacteria and other pathogens. ready made stabilized chlorine products are available to do this. If you have a salt water

If the water in your pool turned green can you still swim in it until it is cleared up?

The water turned green probably due to algae growth. The algae grew due to a lack of santizer (chlorine or other). While the alage was growing, other bacteria or organisms pr