How do you compare 'Animal Farm' to Russian Revolution?

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Animal Farm Russian Revolution Mr. Jones
  • irresponsible to his animals (lets them starve)
  • sometimes cruel - beats them with whip
  • sometimes kind - mixes milk in animal mash
Czar Nicholas II
  • a poor leader at best, compared to western kings
  • cruel - sometimes brutal with opponents
  • Sometimes kind - hired students as spies to make $
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Old Major
  • taught Animal-ism
  • workers do the work, rich keep the $, animals revolt
  • dies before revolution
Karl Marx
  • invented Communism
  • "workers of the world unite", take over govt
  • dies before Russian Revolution
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Animal-ism
  • no owners, no rich, but no poor
  • workers get a better life, all animals equal
  • everyone owns the farm
  • same
  • all people equal
  • govt owns everything, people own govt
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Snowball
  • young, smart, good speaker, idealistic
  • really wants to make life better for all
  • one of leaders of revolution
  • chased away into exile by Napoleon's dogs
Leon Trotsky
  • other leader of "October Revolution"
  • pure communist, followed Marx
  • wanted to improve life for all in Russia
  • chased away by Lenin's KGB (Lenin's secret police)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Napoleon
  • not a good speaker, not as clever like Snowball
  • cruel, brutal, selfish, devious, corrupt
  • his ambition is for power, killed opponents
  • used dogs, moses, and Squealer to control animals
Joseph Stalin
  • not a good speaker, not educated like Trotsky
  • same as Napoleon, didn't follow Marx's ideas
  • cared for power, killed all that opposed him
  • used KGB, allowed church, and propagandized
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Squealer
  • big mouth, talks a lot
  • convinces animals to believe and follow Napoleon
  • Changes and manipulates the commandments
Propaganda department of Lenin's government
  • worked for Stalin to support his image
  • used any lie to convince the people to follow Stalin
  • benefited from the fact that education was controlled
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Dogs
  • a private army that used fear to force animals to work
  • killed or intimidated any opponent of Napoleon
  • another part of Napoleon's strategy to control animals
KGB - Secret Police
  • not really police, but forced support for Stalin
  • used force, often killed entire families for disobedience
  • totally loyal, part of Lenin's power, even over army
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Moses the Raven
  • tells animals about Sugar Candy mountain - Heaven
  • animals can go there if they work hard
  • Snowball and Major were against him. They though Heaven was a lie to make animals work
  • Napoleon let him stay because he taught animals to work and not complain
  • Marx said "Opiate of the people" a lie
  • used to make people not complain and do their work
  • Religion was tolerant because people would work
  • Stalin knew religion would stop violent revolutions
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mollie
  • was vain - loved her beauty and self
  • didn't think about the animal farm
  • went with anyone who gave her what she wanted
  • some people didn't care about revolution
  • only though about themselves
  • went to other countries that offered more for them
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Boxer
  • strong, hard working horse, believes in Animal Farm
  • "Napoleon is always right", "I must work harder"
  • gives his all, is betrayed by Napoleon, who sells him
Dedicated, but tricked communist supporters
  • people believed Stalin because he was "Communist"
  • many stayed loyal after it was obvious Stalin a tyrant
  • betrayed by Stalin who ignored and killed them
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Benjamin
  • old, wise donkey who is suspicious of revolution
  • thinks "nothing ever changes", is right
  • his suspicions are true, about Boxer and sign changes
Skeptical people in Russia and outside Russia
  • weren't sure revolution would change anything
  • realized that a crazy leader can call himself communist
  • knew that communism wouldn't work with power hungry leaders
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overall details about revolution
  • it was supposed to make life better for all
  • life was worse at the end
  • The leaders became the same as, or worse than, the other farmers (humans) they rebelled against
Overall details of Russian Revolution
  • supposed to fix problems from Czar
  • life was even worse long after revolution
  • Stalin made Czar look like a nice guy
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