How do you connect a wire from a walkie talkie atenna to a head phone jack in a walkman?

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  1. Why you want to connect antenna from walkie-talkie to mini jack in walkman???
  2. Two-way radio antennas has got standard connector plugs (UHF, BNC, N-Type, Mini UHF, etc). Mini Jack plug is not used for antenna connection.
  3. Two-way radio antenna is usually piece of wire or steel rod. The antenna cable has got positive wire in the middle, and grounded shield (screen) around. Signal goes to / from antenna through the wire in the middle to the receiver / transmitter. Screen/shield protects the signal from radiating out the wire.
  4. Answer: Use proper cable and proper plugs and sockets, if you need to send or receive good signal to / from your walkie talkie. Do not use mini jack plug for this purpose, it will not work good.
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Who invented the walkie talkie?

The first radio receiver/transmitter to be nicknamed "Walkie-Talkie" was the backpacked Motorola SCR-300, created by an engineering team in 1940 at the Galvin Manufacturing Company (forerunner of Motorola). The team consisted of Dan Noble, who conceived of the design using FM technology, Henryk Magnuski who was the principal RF engineer, Bill Vogel, Lloyd Morris, and Marion Bond. Motorola produced the hand-held AM SCR-536 radio as well during the war. It was called the "Handie-Talkie" (HT). Al Gross is sometimes said to have invented it. He also worked on the early technology behind the device from 1934 to 1941.

What are the disadvantages of using walkie talkie?

Walkie talkies are not a subsitute for cell phones. They are meant for broadcast mode (talking in a group mode) . Typically used in construction, security, schools and colleges, outdoor catering, airlines, tea and coffee estates, golf courses, resorts, event management and sports. they can go out of range and have a small number of channels that they can communicate to each other on. The biggest limitation of Walkie Talkies, besides being low power (not good for more than 2 - 3 city blocks) is 1) Only one person can talk at a time, and 2) Everyone else with a Walkie Talkie can hear what you are saying to your friend if they are within 2 - 3 city blocks of your house.

How do you make a walkie talkie?

Each radio needs a receiver and a transmitter. When the push-to-talk button is not depressed, the radio receives. An optional squelch circuit can be used to mute static. When the push to talk button is depessed, the receiver is muted and the transmitter is activated. The details of this are left as an excercise to the reader. To make a radio, you may need a crystal diode.

What are Advantage of walkie talkie?

Answer . A walkie-talkie (more formally known as a handheld transceiver) is a hand-held portable, two-way radio transceiver.. walkie talkie a very useful gadget. You may also need a walkie talkie if you move around a lot in your job. The benefit over mobile phones is that they are license free and do not have any associated call charges.. You can clip a walktie talkie to your clothing, they are light weight and easily carried about your person.

What is a walkie talkie?

A short range voice communications device whose evolution began with the AN/PRC-6 used by ground troops to talk between the platoon and the company level. Actually, walie talkies are also used by Resident Assistants when on community walks. It's a radio transmitter and radio receiver built into the same hand-held box.

A license for walkie talkie in India?

Licensing Procedure for walkie talkies India For using walkie talkies in India, a license is a must. One has to pay Rs. 1700/- as License and Royalty fees per annum for the first two radios. From third radio onwards, it is Rs. 550/- per annum. Example- for five radios the annual license and royalty fees payable is Rs. 3350/-. Regional Licensing Office (RLO) of the Wireless Planning and Coordinating Wing (WPC) located in most of the State capitals will grant the permission within a fortnight. Do not buy walkie talkies from EBay. The frequency on which these radios work is illegal in India. If caught using, penal action can be initiated. Moreover, these walkie talkies have only 0.5 watts power output which will not give more 300 meteres range. WPC permits 4 watts power on walkie talkies which corresponds to appx. 5km range. These walkie talkies are sold by authorised dealers. In order to acquire information about allowed power outputs, frequencies or transmitting distance, please contact radio licensing institution located in India.

How can you create a walky talky?

take two empty soup cans, a small nail, a hammer, and a long piece of string. punch a hole in the bottom of each can. stick one end of string thru one can, and tie a knot in it. stick other end of string thru other can. knot it as well. stretck string tight and speak into one can. other person will hear you voice in other can.

What year were walkie talkies made?

The first walkie-talkies were developed for military use during World War II, and spread to public safety and eventually commercial and jobsite work after the war. Major characteristics include a half-duplex channel (only one radio transmits at a time, though any number can listen) and a push-to-talk switch that starts transmission.

How much do walkie talkies cost?

Walkie Talkies cost 20 to 100 dollars. You can use walkie talkies to talk to friends, talk to strangers on the same channel, and, my personal favorite, ghost hunt!

What replaced the walkie talkie?

Although walkie talkies have "evolved" into different categories such as business radios which are still used today, I would say cell phones, and especially Push-To-Talk cell phones have taken over the walkie talkie's position.

How do walky talkys work?

Each walkie talkie is a radio transceiver (combined transmitter and receiver). Typically there is a rotary switch to select frequency channel for the transceiver and a button that when pressed switches the transceiver into transmit mode (normally it is in receive mode). Set two or more walkie talkies to the same channel and their users can communicate, if they are in range. The details of how radio transceivers work should be found in books on radio design and/or repair as this requires diagrams, figures, etc. that can't be posted here to fully understand.

When was walkie talkies invented?

They were originally invented by Mr. Al Gross. He patented them in 1938. Mr. Gross became interested in wireless communication when he was 12 years old and was shown a ship's radio during a boat tour. He was still working and giving presentations to school children, one of his favorite things, when he was over 70 years old. Mr. Gross also invented the pager, the CB radio, and came up with the idea behind cellular communications (cell phones). Some sources also give credit for the walkie-talkie to Mr. Donald Hings. He had a walkie-talkie that was introduced in 1942. Mr. Hings may have come up with the name "walkie-talkies." He was asked what people could do with the radio, and he said, "walk and talk." He died on December 21, 2000..

How do you connect a bluetooth headset to a walky talky in stead of a phone?

ok, so like im going camping in a while and i was looking on youtube and i found this household hacker thing. they're just a group of guys who find out a bunch of cool tech stuff. well, i saw them make a bluetooth finger phone, and i was wondering if anyone could help me. Instead of connecting the bluetooth to a wireless phone, i wanted to connect it to a walky talky can anyone help me out?

Can you get nextel direct connect for iPhone or any sort of walkie talkie radio?

Let me know if you find the answer to this. I've been looking for the same thing. I've been a Nextel/Sprint customer for 10 years plus and don't want to give up my direct connect feature but really want to get an iPhone. Since the new Sprint direct connect uses the internet to make the direct connect calls, I can't see why there can't be an app for the iPhone 4s that allows us to walkie talkie too~.

How do Nextel walkie talkie phones work?

ok on thee side ther e sould be a lil button and juss ummmm click et and it should work thts how mine did unless urz is diffrent!!((: on the side, there should be a walkie talkie button and just click it and it should work, that's how his did unless yours is not the same kind in the first place

What are two differences between walkie-talkies and cell phones?

The difference is walkie talkies are less expensive than a cell phone. Also walkie talkies came back maybe in the 70s or 80s, even though people have been upgrading then with better frequency and digital pictures and formats. An a cell phone can text and sent pictures to friends too. A cell phone can do many different things to connect with friends and family. You can also connect to the Internet aswelll.

How do you change the channel on a walkie talkie?

-- If the walkie talkie is designed to operate on more than one channel, then there's a switch on it that selects the channel. -- If it's not designed to operate on more than one channel, then you have to get inside, change some crystals, and maybe optimize some resonant circuits. Of course, after you've done that, it's illegal to use it.

How large are the military walkie talkies?

The early ones were about a foot and a half long and about fiveinches square weighing between five to ten pounds and often had asix to ten foot long telescoping antenna. Modern ones can be slightly larger than a cell phone and thesoldier uses an earphone and miniature stalk microphone so he nolonger has to hold it in his hand.

What are the rules for using a walkie talkie?

(in the US) If you are referring to non-military civiian-type radio - as long as you are using an FCC-compliant device - except for the fact that you may not curse while on the air, and you may not cause intentional interference with another radio - there is very little restrictions on their use.

What are the two differences about a walki talki and a cell phone?

A set of Walkie Talkies needs direct radio signal contact between the units. a Cellphone relies on there being numerous "cells" wíth which each phone (independently) have contact and these cells can be very far away from each other as long as there is a network or system of cell repeaters that connect the terminal cells. Walkie Talkies are usually single duplex and require" push to talk " so only one party can transmit at a time; cell phones are full duplex so both parties can talk simultaneously.

What range do Cobra Walkie Talkies have?

Cobra walkie talkies have different ranges depending on what model you purchase. Some models state that they have ranges up to 16 miles while the top of the line model has a range up to 30 miles.

What is the difference between walkie talkie and cell phones?

A walkie talkie is a hand-held radio that allows you to spak directly to another radio tuned to the same frequency, and within a limited distance--typically a few miles. A cell phone connects your call from the nearest relay station to the telephone network, allowing you to talk to someone with a telephone (cell or land line) anywhere on the telephone grid.

What walkie talkies are sold by Kenwood?

Kenwood is a manufacturer of many electronic products including speakers, stereos, and walkie talkies. Kenwood manufactures many different types of walkie talkies. For instance, they produce the models TK 3101 and TK 3230 walkie-talkies. These walkie talkies are two way and offer different channel settings.

Where can one get a Walkie Talkie radio?

Walkie Talkie radios are available at many of the larger electronic stores. These can be purchased at stores such as Best Buy, Future Shop and occasionally at Costco. They are also available online at DHGate, Amazon and eBay.

Where can one buy a walkie talkie?

One can buy a walkie talkie from retail or electronic stores like Future Shop, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and many more. One can also purchase it from online sites like eBay or Amazon as well.

Why would one use cell phone as Walkie Talkies?

People would generally use cell phones as a walkie talkie because of how readily available cell phones are compared to walkie talkies. Also walkie talkies can only connect through specific frequency well every cell phone can connect with each other over an unlimited range.

What is walkie talkies?

A walkie talkie is a kind of hand-held two-way radio that the military used as early as the 1940s.

How do I connect two in-ear bluetooth headsets together like a walkie-talkie?

The simple answer is - you can't. Bluetooth headsets are designedto be 'paired' with a mobile phone - not each other. They are verylow powered short-range devices, limited to a usable distance ofaround 20 feet at most. You could physically talk to someone inperson over that distance ! Additionally - they lack the power totransmit through solid objects - such as walls etc... renderingthem useless as a walkie-talkie device !