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How do you connect head phone on TV?

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Not all TV's are capable. If it has a head phone jack then it can be connected.
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How do you connect a TV to a TV?

Couple of ways to do this, depemds on your video out options on your tv. Go from the TV out on one TV to the in of the other. You will have to tune in the 2nd TV to channel

Why does DIRECT TV need phone line connection?

Reason Phone Line Connection Is Needed   The reason they need a phone line connection mainly, is so that your receiver can call out to DirectTV and report your movie pu

How can you connect your computer to a TV or television screen?

You would need either a S-Video, or HDMI out on the computer or a RGB or DVI in on the TV. If you have neither of these you can purchase a graphics card with HDMI out relative

Does Direct TV require a phone connection if pay per view option is not used?

  from what I understand, the answer is, yes. Apparently, they'll charge you an extra $5.00/mo. if it isn't connected to a phone line. The Dish and DirecTV receivers cal

Why connect a phone line to a digital television receiver?

  Unless you're gonna blow your wad on pay-per-view...don't do it. It's just there to take your money. Connecting a phone line to a satellite TV receiver allows you to dow

How do you hook up wireless head phones to car tv?

You can try getting an FM transmitter. You can find them cheap on EBay (you get the quality you pay for. Cheaper transmitters have smaller broadcast range.)   With an FM t

How do you connect a TV remote to a TV?

First find the manufacture or brand of your remote, then go online and find the manufacture and request owners manual for your remote. Second just do a search on yahoo, or Ans

Why connect phone line to digital tv receiver?

people sometimes connect there phone linbe to there digatal reciver because if you have any sort of on dammand or pay per view features then you can set up your box to allow y

How a TV remote connects to the TV?

Pushing a button on a remote control sets in motion a series of events that causes the controlled device to carry out a command. The process works something like this:You push

How do you connect your Netflix from your phone to your TV?

There should be as special cord that allows your phone to be connected to the TV. (Which would essentially allow the TV to be a projector of a sort for your phone) If you me