How do you connect iPhone to internet without wifi?

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How to connect the iPhone touch to the internet?

HELLO ! I WANT TO INSTALL INTERNET IN PAKISTAN AND INSTALL WIFI INAPPLE IPHONE PLEASE HELP ME TO FIGURE OUT I WILL BE GREAT FULL TO YOUR SPORT. THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE TIME I am not sure that what you really want but I think the following link may be helpful for connecting your iphone through wif (MORE)

Connect PS3 to internet to use wifi?

Playstation Knowledge Center and Playstation Network Support have information designed to assist with most connection problems. The related link to it has been added below the answer information All the ads showing features for the PS3 state Online connectivity requires broadband internet service (MORE)

Can you get an iPhone without the internet?

Of course but it depends which one. 4g doesn't need to be around anywhere with wi-fi and 3g needs to be around Internet unless it wastes its mega bites which you have to pay for if you use them too much.

How do you connect your WiFi laptop to your desktop internet?

Step 1. Unplug ethernet wire from desktop computer. Step 2. Plug the ethernet wire you just removed into your laptop's ethernet port. Step 3. When finished browsing the internet or when portability is desired, disconnect the ethernet cable from laptop and return to the port on the desktop.

How can you connect to the internet from your Ipod using wifi?

1. Go to settings. 2. go to the wifi menu at the top. 3. press the on button for wifi. If it has a picture of a lock next to it you need to put in a password (Click on it). if it starts to load and then stops, try a different spot. If that doesn't work, there is no wifi connection.. If you have (MORE)

Can you use gps on iPhone without connecting to WiFi or any internet connection?

NOt likely unless you have a huge amount of memory on your iphone because all the locations and such are streaming information from the internet. But thinking of it again, maybe there's a way using only a satellite but offhand i don't think so.. If you use third party software you dont need interne (MORE)

Who provides internet connections to iPhones?

The iPhone can access the internet one of two ways. One, via wifi, you can connect to available nearby wi-fi networks and therefore access the internet. Two, via the data plan on the iPhone that is required as you buy it; the new ones via 3g, the old ones via edge or something similar.

Do iPhones use WIFI to connect to the internet?

\nYes. But they can also use EDGE (for older iPhones) and 3G (for the new 3G iPhone) to connect to the internet. However, Wi-Fi is free to use while your must pay extra in your monthly plan to use 3G.

Can you connect to the internet on your ps3 using wifi?

Yes you can connect the PS3. All the ads showing features for the PS3 state Online connectivity requires broadband internet service and network devices such as a DSL or cable modem. Most people who have this also require a router and an ethernet cable or a wireless router to allow connection of more (MORE)

Are the GPS on iPhone 3G free wothout WiFi Connection?

Are there any AT&T coverage bar things on your iPhone? if there are, you should be able to use the GPS. You're already paying for the data plan(they force you to),so why not? It's $30 per month, so you might as well use it.

How do you connect to WiFi internet?

you connect to wifi by going to wifi settings on your device that you are using. then you go to configuration or any option that is prone to wifi. then connect and boom bamm you got wifi

Can you get the apple iPhone without Internet on it?

No. AT&T requires you to buy all of there smartphones with a data plan. Or maybe not. You can try and buy it with a no commitment contract then stick your SIM card in it. I think you can only buy no commitment phones if you were an original at&t customer

Will an iphone WiFi work without a SIM card?

yeah it will my mom dropped hers and the screen cracked soshe got another and got tha simcard put in that one now i just get on myspace with it and play apps when i get bored and dont feel like lookin for the charger to the laptop. Recommend me

How do you connect an iphone to wifi?

Make sure you are near a Wi-Fi router. . Go to Settings on your iPhone. . Tap on "Wi-Fi". . Wait a few seconds for available routers to appear on your phone. . Tap on the network you would like to join. . If needed, you will be asked to input the password of the network. . You're done! I hope (MORE)

Can you have the iPhone without internet?

I have heard that i was possible, but therefore you would need to buy a first gen. iphone and not the 3g 4g or anything newer....and so i guess its not really worth it right? i mean serisously having to pay an extra $30 a month would kind of suck.

How do you access to the Internet without wifi?

To access to the Internet without wifi, you need to have a smart phone. Smart phones allow you to use the Internet without having wifi. Smart phones can also transfer Internet to iPod touch or iPhones...

How do you connect to internet using wifi on phone?

1. Open up the Wireless settings on your phone. Typically this is under the eneral settings of a cell phone, but consult your manual for the specific location. 2 Turn on Wireless Internet on the phone if it is not already active. 3 Scan for available networks. Usually phones have a button to d (MORE)

Can you get an iPhone 5 without internet?

No, if you get an iPhone, you either connect with wi-fi or you use data. Both are Internet. Data you pay for monthly with the phone, wi-fi is like free Internet. If you don't want to pay for the monthly charges that comes with getting an iPhone, definitu look into getting an iPod Touch. An iPod Touc (MORE)

Can the wifi that you are connected to find out what you watch on the internet?

The Wi-Fi that you are connected to can probably find out what you are watching on the Internet because most Internet service providers do keep some kind of record of the actual web pages that are opened. This does not mean that the provider keeps a record of every page you visit, but does mean that (MORE)

How do you connect an iPhone 4 to wifi?

Go to your homescreen, then go to settings, click on wifi, make sure it is turned on, and then select your wireless network and enter the information (for example: password/username) if needed. When you are connected to a network under your wifi in settings it will show a checkmark to the left of th (MORE)