How do you connect to the Internet on an iPod Touch?

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To connect an iPod Touch to the Internet:

Go to settings on the Touch and press Wi-Fi. A selection of connections should come up, click on one and enter the password required. You should then be connected. A signal bar comes up at the top left of the iPod.

Here are a few simplified steps to get the internet for the iPod Touch (note: the steps are simplified, so doing some of the steps are much more complicated than portrayed here):
  1. Make sure you are near a wireless router. If you are not near a wireless router, you need to connect one to your modem (only high-speed internet modems like broadband or DSL).
  2. Go to settings on the iPod Touch, and then to Wi-Fi (which may be under General).
  3. View the list of local Wi-Fi routers. Tap the router you want to access. You may need to enter a password if it has a lock on it.
  4. Wait for the iPod to connect, and you can now access the internet.

iPod touch can be connected to the internet by entering a WEP password for a wifi signal
if you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot, tap Safari. However, if this doesn't work, turn the modem and router off (if possible), wait a minute, and turn them back on.
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How do you get internet on the iPod touch?

You would need to connect wirelessly. On the touch, click on Settings, then Wi-Fi. Select a wireless network to connect to (entering the WPA key if necessary). Then, you should be able to click on the start button, then open your browser (The iPod Touch uses Safari).

Is password to connect your wireless internet connection to ipod touch the security key?

i hav a lap top but it is asking me sucurity key or pass phrase were do i find this. Answer to the above: The security key is the password blocking you from access to your internet. These are either WEP OR WPA Encrypted. To find this out Type (or something similar) in the address bar on (MORE)

Do you have to have a connection for the internet on the ipod touch?

yes you do its called wifi you click on settings when you turn on your ipod touch and the click on wifi which should be at the very top click on it and it will search for connectios and pick which one is yours and type in your password and click join and then you are connected to the internet and th (MORE)

How do you get internet on an iPod touch?

You have to open up the safari. If there is no connection it will not be connected and it will not work. Check the upper left hand corner to see if you have a connection. If you do please call apple.

How does iPod touch get internet?

well u have to be in a place that has free wifi like wondercuts or the library. maybe u can get it at ur house if there is a code on the side of the box by ur computer if u have one.

Do you have to pay for internet on iPod touches?

NO. That's the cool part! you just have to have wifi. So if u have the internet in your house, then u can go online for free! The monthy fee is ONLY for the iPhone. That's because its a phone.

Is there internet on the iPod touch?

If you have Wi-Fi, yes.. yes,if u have or somebody else has a wireless modem,u should be upto 30 feet from the modem.. also the internet is that program called safari.

Does a ipod touch have internet?

it have wifi capability which allow you to connect to internet as long as you are close to some hotspot or any public network available

How do you get the Internet on a ipod touch?

To access the internet on the iPod Touch you need to be in range of a wi-fi internet signal, some places such as StarBucks coffee shops have wi-fi signals to access the internet while using lounging at their stop for their customers convinience, another way you could be in range of a wi-fi signal is (MORE)

Does iPod touch have free internet?

The Ipod will only allow you to access the Internet wirelessly via Wi-fi. This means that if you are with a company that provides a wireless broadband at home or in another establishment that provides FREE Wi-fi connection then the Ipod will allow you to surf the Internet providing that you have a (MORE)

Is the internet free on an iPod touch?

yes i know when i got got an ipod touch i was scared to go on the inernet because i wasnt sure if it was free. you just need an unlocked wifi connection. you can get them at wondercuts and mcdonalds and alot more places.

How do you connect internet on your iPod Touch?

u have to have a wireless connection in ur house if u do then u have to go on settings the on wifi connection then connect it then go on to app download the serch put in Google then download it then type what u wanna search u can also download facebook and other pages

Your ipod touch is connected to internet but theres a lock beside it What is wrong?

Well, many have believed that the link to the iPod causing problems are due to the ravaging techniques of the Guinea pigs. they have been trying to hack the turtle yakuza's Intel thru ipods. they lock everyones iPod and when people try to unlock, the guinea pigs make the iPod self-destruct. this the (MORE)

How can you connect your iPod Touch to the Internet?

All you have to do is have a wifi conection. To get to the wifi menu is go to settings, then click wifi, and choose a network to connect to. Go to the settings app, then go to wifi and it will automatically search for a wifi router.Click on the router you want and your ipod will automatically connec (MORE)

Why has your iPod Touch stop connecting to the internet?

Try resetting the router (there is a small reset button on every router). This is usually the problem. It may also be because you are too far or too close to/from the router. There may be too many walls or objects blocking the reception, too.

Why wont your ipod touch connect to the internet?

It needs a wireless network to connect to. If that's nonexistent, then no internets for you. If there's a very weak connection, then still no internets for you. If you have a router, then maybe it's a problem with that. unplug it and replug to reset it and see what happens. Go to settings and (MORE)

Do you have to have internet connection to play your Mafia Wars app on a iPod touch?

No, you don't need Internet connection but if you don't, your energy, health and stamina wont recharge, and if you have properties, you wont get your money, but when you get hooked up to an Internet, all the cash you should of got in that time will just all add up, example; you got 1,000,000 an hour (MORE)

Your ipod touch wont connect to the internet even though it says im connected?

My iPod touch does this all the time. There are a few things that could be happening. 1. It could be that you are in a wifi zone that is password protected, but your iPod still says you are connected. 2. You could only be close enough to the wifi that you only get one "bar" so it takes a long time t (MORE)

How do you go into the internet with the ipod touch?

if on a wifi hot spot or have a router at home, on your ipod go to settings/wi-fi and select any available connection and you should be ready to go, if a lock appear that mean that the network is password protected and wont be able to connect unless you have the pass.

Has the Apple iPod Touch have internet?

Yes, the Apple iPod has internet, though it has a monthly fee, which I am not sure of the price. So, when you get your Apple iPod Touch, be prepared with at least $20-30 in extra money for the monthly fee. Hope this helps.

Do you have to have the Internet on the iPod touch?

You don't necessarily HAVE TO have internet, but you do need it to download apps and access your iTunes account when you're on your phone. However, if you do not have wifi, you can manually download apps and music from your computer through iTunes.