How do you convert a room 12 feet 2 inches by 10 feet into square feet?

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(12 feet + 2 inches) by (10 feet) = ([12 feet x 12 inches/foot] + 2 inches) X (10 feet x 12 inches/foot) =(144 inches + 2 inches) X (120 inches) =(146 inches) X (120 inches) = 17520 square inches = 17520 inches x inches = (17520 inches x inches) x (1 foot/12 inches) x (1 foot x 12 inches) = (17520/144) square feet = 121.6666... square feet
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How do you convert inches to square feet?

Answer . You can't. The inch is a measure of length; the square foot is a measure of area. To convert SQUARE inches to square feet, divide the number of square inches by 144. (Since there are 12 inches in a foot, there are 12 x 12 = 144 square inches in a square foot.)

How many square feet in a room that measures 12 feet by 10 feet?

Figuring how many tiles in an area Pretty straight forward math homework... Grab your cell phone calculator & here we go area is figures as Length X Width (LXW) 10 X 14=???? each tile is 1sq feet so divide your total sq feet (area) by 1! (sq FT) should come up with an answer more than 110 less t