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How do you convert the six-point grade system into GPA?

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Well can you explain?? i am willing to help! i am just a lil confused
is an A six points??
or is their 6 classes??

i think he means six points
i have it too
Thanks for the feedback!

What letter grade does a 3.16 GPA convert to?

It roughly translates to "just" a B. Not a B+ or a B-, but just a flat B. It's very good, but if you are trying to get into an elite program with this GPA then you will still

What grade is a 3.5 GPA grade point equal to in letter grades?

Generally speaking a 3.3 is a B+ and a 3.7 is an A- when using a normal 4.0 scale. Since a 3.5 is directly in between those it could be argued to be a B+ or an A- depending on

What grade is a 2.8 GPA point equal in letter grades?

It's a C+, because A=4, B=3, C=2, and D=1. So 2.8 would be on the high end of a C average. A 2.7 GPA is considered a B-, so a 2.8 would be a little better than a B-.

3.7 GPA grade point equal to in a letter grade?

Here's how it normally is: 0.0 = F | 1.0 = D | 2.0 = C | 3.0 = B | 4.0 = A Anything higher than a 3.5 is an A average (because a 3.3, for example, is closer to 3.0 than 4.0

How is GPA grading system in Bangladesh?

Grading System   Class-interval.....Letter-grade........Grade-point   80-100.......................A+......................5   70-79........................A.........