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What is rpm?

rpm is REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE this is how many times something revolves a complete cycle in one minute     RPM stands for REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE. This is a measure of h

What is the formula for converting RPM to kph?

It depends upon the circumference of the rotating object such as a wheel. Deriving the formula, let the radius of the wheel be r then, the circumference of a circle is =

How do you convert RPM to Nm?

You cant. One is a measure of rotational speed and the other is a measure of applied torque. You could convert Nm to Ft-lbs or In-lbs.

How do you convert RPM into meters per minute?

You don't. RPM is revolutions per minute and not meters per minute, and not any distance per minute. A revolution per minute (rpm) is one full circle per minute ( 2 pi radians

Convert RPM to rad s?

rev = 1/60 * 2 * pi * rad/s

How can you download sonic xg?

Go to Sonic Retro (Website) And click info. In The Search Bar Put,Sonic XG. Go on the page. Click The Download Then extract it with WinRAR (Download.) And Then You can play.

How can you convert RPM into terms of Amps?

  The question you pose doesn't make a lot of sense. An RPM is a unit of rotation and an amp is unit of electrical current. You can't convert these units just willy-nilly.
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How do you convert RPM to radians per second?

1 rpm = 2pi radians per minute = 2pi/60 radians per second = pi/30 radians per second. . or: Divide rpm by 60 = revs / second, then multiply by (2 * pi). so: (rpm / 60) * (2 *

How do you convert min-1 to rpm?

The answer depends on what min -1 is measuring, but is likely to be 1 min -1 = 1 rpm.