How do you convert xg into RPM?

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How do you convert xg into RPM?
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What is rpm?

rpm is REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE this is how many times something revolves a complete cycle in one minute     RPM stands for REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE. This is a measure of h (MORE)

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How do you convert RPM into meters per minute?

You don't. RPM is revolutions per minute and not meters per minute, and not any distance per minute. A revolution per minute (rpm) is one full circle per minute ( 2 pi radians (MORE)

1988 Mazda RX 7 Convertable. Having problems when tachometer reaches 3500 RPM it boggs totally lose's power then when it hits 4000 RPM it kicks back in..Any ideas?

Answer   this sometimes occurs when your fuel system has a blockage, usually in the fuel filter. try changing the fuel filter first.     3800 RPM Hesitation  (MORE)

How do you convert min-1 to rpm?

The answer depends on what min-1 is measuring, but is likely to be 1 min-1 = 1 rpm.
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