How do you convert xg into rpm?

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How would you convert RPM to RCF?

To convert RPM to RCF you need to know the rotational radius of the item that is spinning. Then you can use the following calculation:. RCF = 0.00001118 * r * RPM2 (where r =

How do you convert RPM into mph?

RPM Revs Per Minute (how many times it spins round) is all to do with the cogs or gears linking the motor to the end shaft. The smaller the gear the greater rpm the bigger the

How can you convert RPM into terms of Amps?

The question you pose doesn't make a lot of sense. An RPM is a unit of rotation and an amp is unit of electrical current. You can't convert these units just willy-nilly. Now i

What is the formula for converting RPM to kph?

It depends upon the circumference of the rotating object such as a wheel. Deriving the formula, let the radius of the wheel be r then, the circumference of a circle is

How do you convert RPM to Nm?

You cant. One is a measure of rotational speed and the other is a measure of applied torque. You could convert Nm to Ft-lbs or In-lbs.

What is 1400 RPM converted to in mph?

You can't convert rpm to mph because they measure different things. Rpm (revolutions per minutes) measure how fast an object (such as a crankshaft) spins. ph measures distanc

How do you convert rpm to radians?

It is not possible. Radians are a measure of angular displacement while rpm is a measure of the rate of change of angular displacement. The question is like asking to convert