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How do you convince your girlfriend to have sex before marriage?

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You don't. You let nature take its course. You said she is your girlfriend, but not your fiance'. So maybe to her, its not serious enough to make such an intimate commitment. If you really love and care for her, don't pressure her or come online looking for some nut to give you advice on how to sleep with your own woman! Maybe she's not necessarily waiting on marriage...maybe she is trying to determine if you really love her or if its a game. Sounds more like game since you're on here asking this BS question. you cant convince a girl for sex. when she is ready she will tell you and it will just happen. you cant make her do anything she doesnt want to.
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How do you convince your girlfriend to have sex with you?

I make sure shes really horny and then we kiss, i give her a back rub and that really turns her on after that i start feeling up her shirt (which i know she loves) and then sh

Is it a sin to have sex before marriage?

No. There are certain sexual sins that you can commit against other human beings & I don't think I need list the grotesqueries that would qualify. I assume you are a person of

Is sex before marriage wrong?

That depends on your own personal choices and morals. All I can say, is that it's not wrong in the way that, say, murder is. It is really up to you. Are you READY for sex? Are

Sex before marriage?

  Well, I believe in sex before marriage. One of my uncles has 2 children but he's not married.

Is sex before marriage acceptable?

it depends on your relgoion if you be live it or not but many people have sex b4 marrige or some dont even get married. it depends on your relgoion if you be live it or not b

What is your view on sex before marriage?

Avoid getting pregnant and find out if you are happy with each other in bed, because if you are not you are better of not getting maried. There is nothing like a test drive so

How can you convince your girlfriend to perform oral sex on you?

Perform oral sex on her first. Usually they will reciprocate. Perform lots of foreplay also. She can get turned on so much that she will go down on you eventually. I agree, s

Sex before marriage islam?

In the Islamic religion, it is prohibited to have sex before marriage. In the Qur'an, unlawful sexual intercourse between a man and a women not married, called zina in Arabic,
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What are your thoughts on sex before marriage?

I don't think there is anything wrong with sex before marriage. It is your body & if you like someone enough, & want to engage in sex with them, then no one should stop you. J
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Why is sex before marriage illegal?

I personally think you should wait until you are married. However, sex before marriage is NOT illegal in most countries. Most religions, however, consider it inappropriate to
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Do you believe in sex before marriage and why?

Yes, otherwise many marry too early & it doesn't last because the couple just wants to have sex. Wouldn't you rather not wonder if he really loves you or wants the "forbidden