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How do you cook great northern beans?

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i usually buy 2 smoked hamhocks and a one pound bag of beans, put in a pot, cover with water and a lid and cook until tender. then i pick the meat off the hamhocks. makes yummy soupy beans, usually served with boiled potatoes!
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Can you plant great northern beans?

Answer . yes you can. you can also cook them. northern beans tend to grow very fast when planted. i assume in 2 or 3 days you will see growth.

Are green beans great northern beans?

Green beans are not Great Northern Beans. Great Northern beans are a white bean related to Kidney and Pinto Beans They can be. See my addition on the discussion page.

How do you grow Great Northern beans?

Great Northern beans [ Phaseolus vulgaris ] are shell beans. There are varieties that can be grown as bush beans, others as pole. The basic growing difference is the supports

Why are they named Great Northern Beans?

Large white beans were grown for hundreds of years by the by theMandan, Arikara, and Hidatsa people of what is now North Dakota. Oscar H. Will (1855-1917) came to North Dakota

Are great northern beans the same as navy beans?

From Wikipedia: . The small, white navy bean , also called pea bean or haricot , is particularly popular in Britain and the US, featured in such dishes as baked beans a

How are great northern beans grown?

When you grow great northern beans you have to water them every time the get dry aprx. every 3 days. The best brand of soil is fertilized cow manure. And you plant them in a p

How do you use great northern beans?

You can put them in all sorts of food. You can make a cold bean salad or you can put them in chili or beans and ham. I have posted several recipes in the related links section
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What is shelf life of great northern beans?

If they are dried beans they will be good for months or years if kept in a cool dry place. If they have been cooked and canned, they will last up to 2 years. If they are cooke