How do you cover bright pink bright orange bright blue and bright green paint with chocolate brown paint?

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I would probably put a primer coat on first. A good primer is Kilz, which will also cover stains. It is worth the money to buy a good brand of primer since it will save you work and make your new paint look its best.
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What is brightness?

the brightness of an object is the amount of light it reflects, the more it reflects the brighter it will be. Or the object could be giving out light, a vehicle head light for

Does bright green go with bright pink?

yes, because red and green are on opposite sides of the color wheel and therefor are appealing to the eye. other opposites: purple andyellow ; blue and orange.

I painted my room orange and its too bright what can I do to tone it down?

If you don't want to start over, get a soft cream paint and glaze mixture and do a rag or sponge treatment over the orange to soften it and lighten it. I had this happen w