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How do you create a bulk email list in gmail?

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"You can manually create a bulk email list in gmail, but it would require you to enter each address separately. The easier way to do this would be to set up your gmail account in outlook, then download an email list creator and copy and past your addresses into it."
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Where is your bulk folder in Gmail?

You will have 3 tabs above your mail. The third tab is your bulk  folder. The "Social" tab also gets some bulk email. Be careful mass  deleting email as you may have somethi

How do you add an email account to Gmail?

  To add an email account to Gmail, it must support POP3.   # Login to Gmail  # Go to the "Settings" page  # Click on the "Accounts" tab  # Click on "Add another

How do you ungroup emails on Gmail?

In Hotmail: Go to ArrangeBy and select "By Date" or any other, but not "Conversation" In Gmail: Go to Settings, switch OFF "Conversation View". Enjoy:)

How do you delete email in Gmail?

On the messages, check the tick box of the ones you want to delete, at the left hand sides of them. Then, at the top, select "Delete" This will move the messages selected

How do you make a email address on Gmail?

    To make an email address on email. Go to the gmail site (www.gmail.com) and click create and account down at the bottom of the page. Fill out the questions and the

Which email is better yahoo or Gmail?

Gmail has almost all of the same features, less ads, and more features. Gmail also comes with a Blogger account, YouTube account, Orkut (social network) account, and many othe

How do you forward a email to my friend from Gmail?

  Just open the email, go down and you'll see a "Reply" button. Next to it is the "Forward" button. Click on that and type in the people you want to send it to and hit "Se

How do you email a cell phone with Gmail?

Step 1 Open your e-mail application on your PC. (Or if web based, go there.) Compose your message and insert the picture. Make sure the picture is small or it may not send o