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How do you create a bulk email list in gmail?

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"You can manually create a bulk email list in gmail, but it would require you to enter each address separately. The easier way to do this would be to set up your gmail account in outlook, then download an email list creator and copy and past your addresses into it."
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Where is your bulk folder in Gmail?

You will have 3 tabs above your mail. The third tab is your bulk  folder. The "Social" tab also gets some bulk email. Be careful mass  deleting email as you may have somethi

How do you send bulk email using Gmail?

  * Unless you http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Special:Userlogin&returnto=How_do_you_send_bulk_email_using_Gmail your contributions will be anonymous. However, your computer's I

How do you create Gmail accounts in bulk?

If you have a specific domain (MyBusiness.com) for example then Google will give you free gmail for the domain. Go over to google apps or just google it! =) Hope this helps!

How do you see the email list on Gmail?

There are very important building secrets to consider and this process can be described simply as the process of adding new subscribers to a mailing list. Find Out more here>h

Can bulk email create some spam?

Yes, bulks emails can create spam because those emails may be unsolicitated. Bulk email may cause you to unknowingly send spam to those on your email address book.

How could one send bulk email using Gmail?

You can add more than one person by adding the email addresses into the send to link. There they will allow you to send your email to more than one person at one time.

How can you add an email address to a safe list on gmail email?

If you want to delete contacts from Gmail and you're using the old  Contact Manager, complete the below steps:    1. Sign in to Gmail   2. At the top left, click G