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How do you create a new Skype account?

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Go to Skype.com, and click 'Get Skype'. Now, select your operating System (OS) your computer is. Then click 'Download Skype'.

If you are a Android user, go to your 'Android Market'. Then look up 'Skype' in Apps. Then click 'Install'.

If you are a iPhone/iPod user, go to your app called 'App Store'. Search: 'Skype'.
Then click 'Install'.

Now, For the above instructions for all 3 of those options, You should see 'Dont have a Skype name?' some where on the application's startup. Click it. Then from there you follow the easy to use step-by-step instructions. Its that easy!
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How do you create new Gmail account?

go to gmail.com , a page will open and click on sign up option , a  page will open asking various details about u , fill those blanks  and click next , then it will ask a ph

How you create a new email account?

depends on the website you can create a new email address by following these steps: 1- go to yahoomail.com 2- click on "create new account" 3- Fill fields with your data ! htt

How do you create a new account on Skype?

Go on the skype web site (see related link) and download it. After you downloaded it, open it and under the username it says something about that you don't have a skype accoun

How do you sign up new Skype account?

1. open skype 2. press don't have skype name 3. write in what it asks you to if you have skype downloaded, click on it. a box will appear. click "Dont have a skype name?"

How do you open a new account on Skype?

Go to www.skype.com and at the bottom click Instant Messenger and on the left hand side click Get Skype and download it. After its finished downloading it, run the program and

How do you create a new kidbiz3000 account?

I think you cant create an account because its a school thing because i am in grade # 5 and yesterday they had to renew there subscription. So i don't think you can unless the
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How can you create fring new account?

You can create a new FringOut account by signing up online. In order to use FringOut, you will need to download the app which is available for Android, Apple and Nokia store