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There is no cure for Parvo, it is a virus that must run it's course. The only treatment is supportive to keep the animal alive while it's immune system attempts to fight the virus.

IV fluids, antibiotics to prevent secondary infects, Tamiflu (anti-viral), anti-nausea meds, glucose are about all you can do.
There are two ways that you can approach this. #1 you can go to the vet, the vet is costly and will keep your dog hydrated and put your dog on antibiotics, but the vet will do nothing to treat the primary virus. Which they may use Tamaflu to help fight off the virus but they still have nothing that really fights against the virus. The success rate with your vet is about 50%.
#2 you can use herbs. Herbs are an all natural way of fighting off the virus. there have been herbs proven to fight off and attack viruses even kill them. In fact the major pharmaceutical companies when they create a new drug they are basing the main idea of that drug off of an herb. so when dealing with herbs that work on attacking a virus there is a company that is an all natural Nutraceutical company that has formulated a product that helps fight off the parvo virus they are called Amber Technology. Now i don't want to sound bias the vet is great and can help you but they are expensive. And the majority of American's cant afford a vet. Amber Technology has about a 90% success rate on there product Parvaid. I would recommend calling Amber Technology cause they also give free advise on how to move forward with your puppy.
Parvo is a virus, it should be vaccinated for this, should a dog get Parvo, the dog should be hospitalized, placed on iv fluids to get the dog hydrated. the dog must shed the virus, meaning it has to rid its self, like when we as humans have the flu, it has to work its way out. Shocking I found this out but my dogs had puppies and parvo was spreading in my neighborhood. The puppies did get parvo but one of my mom's friends said feed them their dog food with bacon grease and raw eggs.
there is a product that is put out by a Nutraceutical company called Amber Technology they have a product called Parvaid. Which will aid your dog in fighting off the virus. Parvaid is a unique blend of herbs that was developed in 1997 to help aid your dog in the fight against the deadly Parvo virus. This completely organic formulation contains 4 anti-microbials that assists the immune system to fight against the Parvo virus. Additionally, Parvaid contains three herbs that calm the stomach to relieve vomiting and diarrhea often associated with the virus. Parvaid also contains two herbs that help your dog's body build up its immune system. Dogs usually show a significant improvement in their symptoms within 2-3 days with the use of Parvaid. In addition to its tremendous usefulness against the Parvovirus, Parvaid has shown supportive use against other intestinal issues such as general and nonspecific gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and building of the immune system. Parvaid has also been known to help with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea caused by environment changes, vomiting and diarrhea caused by diet, ease travel discomfort and gas.
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Will getting your dog Parvo vaccinations always prevent Parvo?

Getting your dog the parvo vaccine is not 100 percent protection. Certain breeds are more vonerable to contracting Parvo. Bulldogs, pitbulls, boxers and dobermans are prone to this disease and if they have come into contact with it they could easily get it.

What is parvo?

Parvo is Deadly virus that puppies contract. It starts out in the immune system and slowly weakens the pup. Once the dogs immune system is weakened the virus moves to the bowls where the virus starts to tear at the walls of the intestines causing bloody stools. The parvo virus also like to incubate (MORE)

What are the signs of parvo?

Fever, depression, lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, loss of appetite. Parvo strikes very fast. If you have a puppy or dog with the above symptoms, it is a medical emergency. Parvo can kill in 24-72 hours. If you are human your cheeks go bright red.

Where could you buy a cure for parvo at a store?

you can feed them pedialite but the best thing you can do is keep them hospitalized. Also if you cant afford to have them hospitalized, there is a product that will help your dog fight against the parvo virus. My Girlfriends little Yorkie was sick with parvo so i called Amber Technology which is an (MORE)

Can cats get parvo?

They can get a form of feline Parvo called Panleukopenia Virus.. It's alot like the dog's parvo virus but only cats can get it. we had an out break of it when we rescued a new litter of kittens, all of the kittens died because they were unvaccinated, we have 4 older cats who were vaccinated & they (MORE)

Symptoms of parvo?

Vomiting, not eating or drinking, lethargy, a black or tarry stool, with a strong scent of iron. If you suspect Parvo, it is very important that you get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible, and in the mean time do not expose any other dogs to the symptomatic animal, or the area.

What are the symptoms of Parvo?

Vomiting, bloody foul smelling diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite, depression. Parvo is a medical emergency. Lethargy, loss of appetite, foul smelling poop with traces of blood, diarrhea, and dehydration. Dehydration is the leading cause of death in parvo puppies. To see if your puppy is dehydrate (MORE)

Can humans get parvo?

No, humans cannot contract the parvovirus. Only cats and dogs canbe infected with this disease, but vaccinations are available.

How is Parvo Transmitted?

Dogs can get Parvo by laying in other dogs feces. They can also get it by going in public and by eating other animals after there dead.

What are the sypthoms of parvo?

My Puppy Copper,had Parvo his symptoms wereVomiting,Diarrea,wouldn't eat,loss of energy and weight loss. butif you are reading this and your thinking OMG my puppy is going todie chill out that's exactly what I thought but it all depends onthe dogs age and weight and how long you wait before they get (MORE)

What causes parvo?

Usually a puppy will get it from exposure through the unvaccinated mothers milk or infected feces or somewhere like a pet store or vet office where an infected pup was.

Can a male who had parvo pass parvo sexually?

Parvo is highly contagious. So if the infected dog was near a dog that wasn't vaccinated against parvo, it is possible to infect the healthy dog whether it was sexual contact or not.

What is is a cure?

Definition:means of healing or restoring to health; remedy.. All added together it is when something is figured out, or solved.. Treated that it does not come back again.

How do you get parvo out of your yard?

The short answer is that you don't - canine parvovirus is very hardy and can survive for years in the soil. This is why you should vaccinate your puppy per your veterinarian's recommendations.

What are symptoms for parvo?

The most common symptoms for Parvo are as follows: . Bloody diarrhea . Foul smell diarrhea . Yellow diarrhea . Vomiting . Loss of appetite leading to refusal to eat . High fever . Extreme lethargy, complete lack of energy . "Depressed" attitudes instead of normal excited puppy energy . D (MORE)

If a dog had Parvo when he was younger and survived Can he get Parvo again?

Not likely, the Parvo virus is a lot like the chicken pocks. If they get it once the chances of them getting it again is very slim. Although it has been known to happen, but that is due to people who usually get their dog vaccinated right after they recover. Its best to wait until the dog has full (MORE)

Stages of parvo?

There are different forms of it, so the stages can be different orworse depending on the type. The general symptoms are lethargy,vomiting, bloody stool and fever.

Is parvo contageous?

yes parvovirus is an infectious virus that both dogs and cats can get. It is spread through feces

How do dogs get parvo?

The disease is highly contagious and is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces . It can be especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination . It has two distinct presentations, a cardiac and intestinal form. The common s (MORE)

How does a dog get parvo?

They can get it if another dog has had it and has came in contact with your dog and you may give it to them when you walk where the dog who had it did and track it into your house

Treatment for parvo?

I don't know if there is a "cure" for parvo but my girlfriends Yorkie had parvo like about a month ago. And there was no way that i could afford a vet. I mean those guys are great but I'm not rich, and I'm going to school. So i did some research and came across this product called Parvaid. I was kin (MORE)

What is the parvo virus?

The canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs. The virus manifests itself in two different forms. The more common form is the intestinal form, which is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and lack of appetite (anorexia). The less common fo (MORE)

Can people get parvo?

Yes. It is very common in children and highly contagious. It is often called "face slap" disease because the childs cheeks are rosy red.

Is parvo airborn?

There are a few ways that Parvo is transmitted. The most common wayis by direct contact with a dog who has the virus. Another way isfor the dog to come into contact with the feces of another dog whohas it. That is why most vets will have you do a 1/4 ratio ofmixing bleach and water into a spray bott (MORE)

Is there a cure for parvo?

there are treatment out there that can help the dog have a fighting chance at parvo. The number one way to treat your dog is to go to the vet (they dont have a cure but its the most popular). The number two way to treat your dog is to contact Amber Technology, they are the fastest growing Nutraceuti (MORE)

Dose amoxicillin cure parvo virus?

No, amoxicillin is effective only against Gram positive bacteria and has no effect on viruses at all. Incidentally, there is no cure for parvovirus - the dog must clear it on its own.

What are signs of parvo?

Fever, lethargy, depression, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, loss ofappetite. Parvo is a medical emergency and is easily ruled out withan in office Parvo test.

What is parvo in dogs?

Parvo in dogs is basically when they have like no energy thay wont eat drink or pretty much even move. When a dog gets parvo most vets will not try to save them. And you can get them vaccinated against parvo. Hope I helped!

Is Parvo contagious?

Parvo is very contagious to unvaccinated dogs and puppies. It is not contagious to humans.

Can you cure parvo?

I have seen with my own eyes dog's over come parvo. The vets protocol for treating the parvo virus is to treat the symptoms of the virus not the actual virus. i have been to the vet with my first dog (who had parvo) and the vet treated him, my dog stayed there over night and in the morning he was de (MORE)

How does a puppy get parvo?

Diarrhea comes and dog will stop eating my friends puppy died from parvo. I don't want mine to, I'm worried sick! I have no idea if after a puppy gets parvo shots, it can still get parvo. Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious disease, which is spread from dog to dog from contact with infected (MORE)

What to do if your dog has parvo?

Best bet is to get him or her to the vet immediately so they can start antibiotics and proper shots and treatment, there are many new things good vets are learning to do to help animals with parvo, including things like Vit B and other possibilities. Depending on the severity of the case, one thing (MORE)

Can they be cured?

Depends on what you mean by "they". If you're talking aout stds, some of them can be cured with antibiotics. Infections like herpes, genital warts and HIV don't have cures.

Can parvo return?

No. Once your dog has had parvo, it cannot get it again, same scenario as with chickenpox.

What do you do if your dog has parvo?

Take your dog to a vet! The sooner the better! I took my puppy as soon as i saw something wrong, and it ended up saving her life, we caught the very beginning and now she is a healthy dog!

Can a puppy get parvo after parvo shot?

Yes, it is possible. The vaccine against parvovirus is not considered completely effective in a puppy until two weeks after the last shot is given; since the last shot is generally given when the puppy is 16 weeks old, the puppy can usually be considered protected by the time it is 18 weeks old. If (MORE)

Can goats get parvo?

Dogs can get parvovirus. Parvovirus can cause abortions in pigs. Cattle can get parvovirus but it doesn't cause clinical disease. I have not heard of goats getting parvovirus.

Can your dog get parvo by playing with a dog with parvo?

Yes, as well as laying in spaces where previous fecal matter has been. Usually the space becomes contaminated. Older dogs can be carriers of the parvovirus, though they might never show signs because they are immune. Parvo usually only infects puppies. Once your dog has had parvo, it can never get p (MORE)

What is the effects of parvo?

When dogs have Parvo they tend not to eat or drink anything. They will hide underneath anything that is cool such as a house. They will also throw up blood and cough alot. The easiest way to prevent this is to give them their Parvo shot or their 7-in-1 shot while they are young. Dogs 5 mos. and up u (MORE)

How do you prevent parvoe?

the parvoe is a parasite lives in soil so get both of your yards sprayed then take you dog to the vet and get him \her a vaccination and it s contagious to other dogs so get all of your dogs one two my puppie died from it but he was to young for the vaccination ):

Can parvo vaccine give your dog parvo?

No, but sometimes dogs can still get parvo even if they've been vaccinated. If your dog has contract parvo and was vaccinated against it, contact the vaccine company. In most cases, they will pay for treatment of your dog because their product did not work.

Can a wallaby get parvo?

The parvovirus that dogs can get is just one of many strains of parvo. Yes, wallabies can succumb to the parvovirus, but it is most unlikely to occur as a result of contact with a dog that carries the virus. Similarly, huamsn can contrct parvo, but it is a completely different strain.

What is Parvo Bacteria?

Parvobacterium are small, gram negative coccobacilli. they require blood or blood products for their growth in vitro. the genera include, . Haemophilus . Bordetella . Brucella . Pasteurella . Franciscella . Actinobacillus . Gardnerella

Can your dog still get parvo if it got the parvo shot already?

YES - Parvo virus can mutate into strains that are not covered. The vaccine may also be ineffective if it is outdated, or not kept cold enough. Vaccines can also be rendered ineffective if given before the pup is weaned long enough, as the immunity from the mother's ,milk may override vaccines given (MORE)

Can you make something to cure parvo?

No. The best thing to do for your dog if they have parvo is to take them to the veterinarian. Parvo usually requires intense medical treatment, and even then the patient does not make it sometimes.