How do you cut a 42 inch pipe?

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to cut 42 " pipe place the pipe on a set of bearingspower driven .place a torch on a stand so it is steady .have the pipe roll about 10 inches per minute.thatis what we do.
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How do you cut a carbon steel pipe 4 inch?

A handheld bandsaw or a cutting torch, along a straight line madeby a wraparound pipe marker. our company has the steel pipe machine and you can cut it in 4inch-haihao pipe fi
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What is 42 inches?

42"= 3.5 ft = 1.166 yrds = 0.0006628788 miles = 0.0010668 km = 1.0668 m =10.668 dm = 106.68 cm = 1066.8 mm = 1.127633e-16 ly (light years)
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What oil is used in troy built bronco riding mower 42 inch cut?

Best lubricant for an air-cooled engine is a synthetic multi-visoil such as a Mobil 1 or other synthetic blend with a viscosity of10w-30 or higher. I am using a Castrol Synthe