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There are many ways of dating.
1 Dating by the introduction of friends.
2 Dating through other social network services such as facebook, google+ and so on.
3 Dating on the Internet such as Russian dating site.
4 Dating with the help of matchmaking agency
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What to do on a date?

Actually, a date should be a collaberation between the two people, each of you voice what you wish to do on the date and make plans according to what both of you want to do...

What NOT to do on a date?

Be sure to be on time, dress nicely, smell good, use your manners (do not lick the knife). NOT to do on a date: talk the whole time about your ex-anyone, act like you have a r

How do you get out of a date?

tell him that your mom told you that you have to stay home and clean your room becuz you didnt the day before and if you go out then you will be grounded for three weeks. 

Get a date?

If you want to get a date BE YOURSELF, not someone your not. The right person will come. Waiting is all it takes. If you fake being someone you're not, and the other person fi

Will you get a date?

i am going out with someone right now. its easy to get a date if you have a sense of humor your smart and your out going

What do you do to get a date?

  be confident in yourself and always smile. focus each day on giving compliments to at least 5 people that you would consider dating. it gives them a boost of self confid

Who to date?

That would depend on your interests as well as who will accept your invitation(s).

What if you can not date?

If you can't date....Don't. I can't control your feelings and if you really love him/her. Date them. DON'T get serious as in like you whole life depends on them. If your paren
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Can she date?

Per Islam religion, dating and/or sex (oral or intercourse sex) is not allowed without licit marriage. Also lets not forget the fact that having sex is an act for married coup