How do you deal with ex-husband and step mother whom have custody who continue to emotionally abuse your child and make you as the mom look bad to the point that your child hates you?

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you can file for custody with the court citing parental alienation, alienation of affection, and/or a significant change in home life circumstances.
You can also place the child into therapy during your visitation times or send a letter (return receipt) to their school requesting they undergo an "IEP/504 plan evaluation" for psychological reasons. (IEP stands for individualized education plan) they will have a meeting which they must invite the requesting parent and you can discuss what is going on directly with the school. You can also ask the school to have the meeting first with your husband and interested parties and secondly with you so that you and interested parties so that you may defend yourself.

You can call Child Protective Services and report anonymously that they are emotionally abusing the children (parental alienation IS abuse!) CPS cannot BY LAW report to the parent with custody who has turned them in.

No matter what you do you need to document, document, document! I always advise my clients to get one of those black/white composition notebooks (with the pages sewn in) and document every phone call, comment, visitation interference, etc in it date and time and to use that notebook ONLY for documentation. The reason I advise this kind of notebook is that you can tell if any pages have been removed. If they call from a different number put that number in the book. Whether you go to CPS, an IEP meeting, or a custody trial your documentation is what will save you and help you to prove your case.

If possible you can record conversations with your ex and/or your children HOWEVER please look at your states laws before you turn them over to the court system. In some states it only requires that one party have knowledge of the recording for it to be legal (that one person would be you). Some states say that as long as "a parent" (not which one) is aware of the recording you can submit it to court. Any messages left on a voice mail or answering machine are completely admissable in court. It was ruled that while leaving a message on an electronic device (including email) you have no reasonable expectation to privacy as anyone may intercept that phone message or email.

Try and do as much written documentation as possible, ie email, text, or leave messages (you are recording) for the other parent instead of calling so that their response is documented in writing. If you have left a message or question you know is going to set them off consider sending them to voicemail instead of answering so that the message is admissable in court. Some cell phones have a download option whereas you can send any/all/specific texts directly to your email account and then print them out.

It is also VERY important that you remember to NEVER bash the other parent. As hard as this may be hold your tongue. I promise you that as your children grow they will learn for themselves that they were being poisioned against you; it may be years but it is critical that they learn/realize for themselves that you aren't who they say you are or they will end up resenting you. You should also keep copies of the documentation you are making so that when they are adults, IF they ask (and only if they ask or accuse you of not trying) you can pull it out and show them that they are wrong.
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