How do you deal with ridiculous parents?

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You go out and get drunk!
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How does an adult caregiver deal with a genuinely narcissistic elderly parent?

Is this elderly person really narcissistic or are they suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers. My bet is on the last two. These are the symptoms: ParanoiaAccusing others of stealing or doing things they are notArguementativeCryingRagesMemory loss Regaining memory for short periods of timeStriking out (MORE)

If a high maintenance girl asked you to move off a lunch table so that her friends could sit and you refused is it worth it to stand your ground but to have to deal with ridiculousness?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNext time just ask her, "Sure, but what's in it for me?"\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt depends on how she asked you to move. Was it snotty or was she polite about it? There is a big difference in how I would react based on how the question was asked. If it was snotty, I w (MORE)

How do you deal with a narcissistic parent?

Narcisstic Parent . This answer is based on the description that Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) being a pattern of self-centered or egotistical behavior that shows up in thinking and behavior in a lot of different situations and activities. \nThe damage that narcissistic people can cause (MORE)

How do you deal with parents divorcing?

Answer . First, their divorce is not your fault. Don't ever feel like you were any contributing factor in their parting. Most likely, the problems began long before you entered this world - When husband and wife stop loving each other, there is no reason in the world why they should remain toget (MORE)

How do you deal with an alcoholic parent?

When they are not drinking ( because they might attempt to harm you ) ask them politely to stop. Any normal parent would say yes. Now if you see them drinking still, take away the alcohol. If you see them going away a lot, it's time for desperate measures, Take your car and leave it some (MORE)

How do you deal with overly dramatic parents?

I think the best way to deal with dramatic parents, is to not put up with it. I learned that the hard way. You have to really talk to them, one on one, and help them understand, that they are being dramatic. Also, people who start drama, are basically fishing, waiting for someone to get t (MORE)

As a parent how do you deal with an emotionally abusive teenager?

Well to start with, remember that your child is looking for a reaction. DON'T give them one. But do take away things such as violent video games and try to restrict their TV access. Next lower their sugar intake and think if they have been hanging around with any bad influances. Especially if they h (MORE)

How do you deal with Overprotective Parents?

well...just remember that because you're parents are being overprotective it's because they love you and want too protect you and definatley do not want too lose you. its completey normal having overprotective parents..i mean mine and extremeley overprotective but i sort of like that they are becaus (MORE)

How can a teenager deal with annoying parents?

Find a quiet place that you can use to just meditate. Go to your place when ever your stressed out and just think of or imagine about things that make you happy. Completely forget about your parents and just enjoy your "me time". It helps if you listen to your favorite kinds of music while in your q (MORE)

Dealing with controlling parents?

Here's a really great web page about coping with controlling parents. Answer The problem is sometimes just communication difficulties, it is hard for you're parent to realise how fast you have grown up. Parents naturally want to protect you from danger and so can come across as controlling when the (MORE)

How do you deal with embarrassing parents?

Umm i would say to just tell your parents too not be so ebarrasing and watever they are doing to embarass you tell them to stop , if they are true kind parents they will understand

How do you deal with grade pressure from your parents?

Your parents are pressuring you to do well in school only because they know your grades are important. Just make sure you try your best in school and if you find that you are struggling don't be afraid to ask for help. Even asking a friend to help you with your homework or study with you could help. (MORE)

How does a parent deal with others in the loss of a child?

Losing a child is a very devastating thing. Hearing some repeat im sorry for you loss over and over starts to wear down their emotional wall and cause them only to be more angry over the death of the child. All you really can do is offer support, help them in their everyday lives....(if they have ot (MORE)

What is the best way to deal with angry parents?

Well i have trouble with that as well but i found a way options: A: Just face the music B: Say i don't have to do what you say you don't control me! C: Say I'm sorry i wont do/have it again. D:Say whateva and walk away Hope this helps i wouldn't say any of that haha tho it is kinda funny ! (MORE)

How does a parent deal with a know it all teenage son?

Provide the child with a "no you don't know it all" situation. A challenge always makes someone see things clearer! Set boundries, first of all. If there pre-teen or in their teens. St and be consistent with the boundries you set. Make sure they know it's for their best intrest and that you love t (MORE)

How can a teenager deal with nagging parents?

i think the right way is to tell them when their nagging,.... that u need a breath and try to occupy yourself with somethng to try to forget or just go outside take a breath and keep away and keep quiet........ it will give some time to think>. BY SMILYFACE11222

How would you deal with strict parents?

find a way to let them know that you are responsible and not a baby and find a way to let them know that they can trust you hope this helps and please give em a trust point :) X

How do you deal with controlling parents?

Speak to them and be nice you never know what they could say . You need to let them know that you are mature and responsible, so that they will let you have a bit of slack. You can show them this by keeping up with your schoolwork and whatever chores you have, by showing good judgment and not using (MORE)

How did Amelia Earhart parents deal with the fact that she was gone?

Her father was already deceased at the time of her disappearance. Her Mother lived until Halloween of l963, when she died. an Earhart comemorative stamp with qan Acheson postmark- air mail of course, was issued in that year. I would imagine the mother had some loss-separation feelings to say the l (MORE)

What is the deal with catelynn and tyler's parents on teen mom?

stfu k? my grandma was besties with tylers mom kim until she died so we are still friends with them we used to do Christmas dinner with them we still talk to them tyler has a sister named amber and they are very nicee. i am friends with kim on facebook and i know tyler and caitlyns real facebook X (MORE)

How do you deal with racist parents?

Put up with them until you are on your own. You do not have to accept their views or take them for your own. You probably do have to keep your opinions to yourself as long as you are under their roof. You are not likely to change their opinions.

Help for parents dealing with a smart lazy teenager?

beat it into them.i dont know about the laws in your state/country but where im from its not only legal to spank your kids, its encouraged. pain talks, if you hurt them enough without really hurting them they'll start listening. something else you can do is take EVERYTHING away from them. includin (MORE)

How do you deal with the death of a parent?

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to deal with this. My dad died on October 16, 2010. I was 11. Let your feelings out and give yourself specific times to grieve. If a parent dies suddenly like my dad, then you will be in shock and a state of numbness. When the shock wears off, it wi (MORE)

How do you deal with losing your parents?

You can't simply forget about about your parents, but the first you should do is be happy. Your parents wouldn't want you to be upset all the time because they moved on. They'd want what's best for you. What I do is I imagine they're in a better place where they don't have to worry about problems an (MORE)

How should single parents deal with their children?

As a single mom of 2 boy this is a skill that i am still learning. However, recently in my Human Growth and development class I learnt about the different areas of social development. John Bowlby a British psychiatrist known as the father of attachment, states that attachment is the strong emotional (MORE)

How do you deal with your parents getting a divorce?

There are three most important facts that you must keep in mind: 1. You did not cause your parents' split. 2. There is nothing you can do to stop it. 3. Your parents love you. A divorce is extremely stressful for a child, or adolescent, or teen, and even for an adult child of divorcing pare (MORE)

After breaking up with your girlfriend after 9 months how do you deal with her ridiculous friends that start to attack you and cuss you out when they will not go away and will not listen to you?

Sounds like she still has feelings for you or she would've let this break-up go 9 mths. ago. The best advise I can give you, as lame as it sounds, is to be extremely nice to the friends. Kill 'em with kindness & once they see what a nice guy you are they might realize that your ex is just a petty pe (MORE)

How do you deal with a sociopath parent?

1) recognize that you absolutely CANNOT win 2) build a strong sense of self, build yourself.. physically (weight train or take up martial arts) and mentally, this is not incase you get into a fight but just to toughen you up so you do not get sucked into their abusive patterns and so you can stand (MORE)

How do you deal with homophobic and unsupportive parents?

I would respond to that with.... There are alot of different beliefs in this world we live in. You don't have to like them all, but you should respect outher peoples preferences. Thats what makes them happy. Its not bibically acceptable, but explain to him/her that they can always come to you, and b (MORE)

How do you deal with unreasonable parents?

There are many ways. I myself am dealing with this, so here: 1. Revolt. Do whatever you want and if need be, ignore any consequences. Note: you may want to hide or lock up your valuables such as a computer or video games which may be taken away if you don't. 2. Run away temporarily. Doing thi (MORE)

How can you deal with a parent who expects too much of you?

I found two answers to your question. Neither answer is mine but they provide excellent methods of preparation and discussion points which you may use to talk with your parents. Obviously, you have wonderful manners and respect, otherwise you would not have sought out advice; you would have rebelled (MORE)

How would someone deal with the loss of a parent?

It is a really difficult thing to get over the loss of anybody close, especially a parent. The important thing to remember is that in time the grief will fade and it's best to just grieve them and move on.

How can a parent deal with the preschoolers excessive energy?

Create games that can be played independently, like dump someblocks on the floor or find a dirty toyroom, and ask your child tocount the blocks or toys while putting them away. DO NOT PLAYENERGIZING GAMES WITH THEM. This will not get it out of theirsystem!! This will just make them 10x more energeti (MORE)

Do parents and other caregivers need to be consistent when they are dealing with children?

The simple answer is no. But, if you are speaking of parents andcaregivers who mind the children, the same rules of permissionshould apply. Giving children candy, reactions to tantrums,supervision outside and such should follow agreed-upon standards.As far as anything else, a parent has to use judge (MORE)

How do i deal with an over dramatic drunk parent?

Don't know what your age is, but regardless, you can't andshouldn't deal with a drunk, as they are under the influence. I'mso sorry for you, but devote that energy to improving your self andappreciating the fact that you have the power to walk away and seekyour own happiness. Drunks are relying on a (MORE)