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You go out and get drunk!
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How do you deal with parents divorcing?

  Answer   First, their divorce is not your fault. Don't ever feel like you were any contributing factor in their parting. Most likely, the problems began long befor

How can a teenager deal with annoying parents?

Find a quiet place that you can use to just meditate. Go to your place when ever your stressed out and just think of or imagine about things that make you happy. Completely fo

What is ridiculous?

Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous,

Dealing with controlling parents?

Here's a really great web page about coping with controlling parents. Answer The problem is sometimes just communication difficulties, it is hard for you're parent to realise

How do you deal with grade pressure from your parents?

Your parents are pressuring you to do well in school only because they know your grades are important. Just make sure you try your best in school and if you find that you are

How do you deal with racist parents?

Put up with them until you are on your own. You do not have to accept their views or take them for your own. You probably do have to keep your opinions to yourself as long as

How do you deal with losing your parents?

You can't simply forget about about your parents, but the first you should do is be happy. Your parents wouldn't want you to be upset all the time because they moved on. They'
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How do you deal with your parents getting a divorce?

There are three most important facts that you must keep in mind: 1. You did not cause your parents' split. 2. There is nothing you can do to stop it. 3. Your parents lov

How do you deal with unreasonable parents?

There are many ways. I myself am dealing with this, so here: 1. Revolt. Do whatever you want and if need be, ignore any consequences. Note: you may want to hide or lock up y