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How do you define a plug plant as I have just received an order of 'pot plants' which appear to be plug plants as they do not have a pot?

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Plugs (plug plants) tend to be tiny as the term is associated with the trays that they are grown in - the trays have individual cells that are smaller than most adults' fingers - just a very few ml of compost. Very many nurseries mail order plants minus pots as it saves postage and in most cases the plants wouldn't stay in them during shipping anyway. The term pot plant is also not normally an indication of size, but the fact that the plant is normally used for pot culture as opposed to open ground etc. In which case you could buy pot-plant plugs.
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What are plug plants?

  Plug plants are young plants, usually seedlings, grown in individual cells of compost enabling them to be pricked out or transplanted without disturbing the roots.

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