How do you delete tagged Photos on Facebook on your iPod touch?

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How do you delete photos from your iPod touch?

The only way i delete my photo's is connect it to computer and do it on itunes. first u go to itunes,then click on the link that says your ipod,then after u proceeded to that

How do you delete photos from iPod Touch?

Go to your camera. There will be a little icon on the bottom left of your screen that takes you to the photos you have already taken. Go there. Slide through the photos and fi

How do you delete a photo from iPod touch?

Click the photo and then a question should come up. You should then click delete. I do not have my ipod with me right now, but if this does not work you can feel free to messa

How do you delete tagged photos in Facebook?

Open up the pic so that it is full size. Next to your name under the pic you will see where it says (pic/remove tag). Just click remove tag and it will disappear. -- i opene

How do you delete photos with an iPod Touch?

Go to the photo you want to delete. On the bottom right corner of the screen, there should be a trash can icon (if there isn't, tap the screen and it will appear). Tap the tra

How do you delete tagged photos on Facebook?

You cannot delete someone else's photo but if you do not want a picture you were tagged in to appear anymore, simply click the "remove tag" option under the picture to have yo

How do you delet a photo from your iPod touch?

To delete a photo from your iTouc h: 1 . Go to photos. 2 . Find the picture you want to delete. 3 . Tap it so it comes up full screen. 4. There should be a little

Can you delete photos off a ipod touch?

You should be able to, when you plug in your touch to your PC just click on your iPod an it has all the links at the top, one of those should be pics and you should be able to

How do you delete photos on facebook that you've been tagged in?

You can't. You can only remove the tag. If you are friends with the person who posted it, you can kindly ask them to remove the offending picture, but unfortunately there i

How do you download photos to facebook from an iPod touch?

There's this really useful app that I use for downloading facebook photos and albums to my iPhone called Fotobook. You can find it by looking for "Fotobook App" on the App Sto

How do you delete photos from iPod touch 4?

Hey there, The answer is that it depends. If you are deleting pictures you did not take with the ipod then you have to remove them from your itunes library and then re-sync y