How do you delete tagged Photos on Facebook on your iPod touch?

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How do you delete photos from your ipod nano?

Step 1: Switch on your laptop/computer and open up My Documents. Create a folder and call it 'iPod pics' (or whatever you want to call it) then go to My Pictures and Copy all the pictures that you want to go onto your iPod. Once you have copied all your pictures, open up the folder that you have pr (MORE)

How do you delete photos from iPod?

if you go to your photos and click on the one you want to delete you touch the trash can and click on the red button, If their from the computer then you do it through iTunes by clicking the tick next to sync photos from [Where ever]

How do you delete photos from an iPod?

if you're on a iPod touch, you have the option to your lower right. If you're on anything below the touch, you will have to open the ipod's filefolder with the stored pictures. Then select the picture you wish to delete, then sync your ipod.

How do you delete photos from your iPod touch?

The only way i delete my photo's is connect it to computer and do it on itunes. first u go to itunes,then click on the link that says your ipod,then after u proceeded to that page you need to click on photos. after your page loaded you can then upload and unload photos!

How do you delete photos on Facebook?

Click the Edit Photos link, and hover your mouse over each photo you want removed. There should be an X or something like that that will pop up. Click it, and follow what it says on screen.

How do you delete photos from iPod Touch?

Go to your camera. There will be a little icon on the bottom left of your screen that takes you to the photos you have already taken. Go there. Slide through the photos and find the one you want to delete. On the bottom right of your screen, there will be a little trash can. If you don't see the tra (MORE)

Deleting photos from iPod?

You can delete photos from your ipod by deleting them in iphoto first and then re-connecting your ipod to you computer and resyncing. You will notice the pictures you have deleted will be gone after your ipod is done syncing with your computer.

How do you delete a photo off Facebook Photos of You?

If you have posted the photo, there will be a small button that says, "delete this photo" and you can just click on that. If you have been tagged in a photo by someone else, you can untag yourself, but the photo will still remain. You will need to email the person who posted the photo to ask them to (MORE)

How do you delete a photo from iPod touch?

Click the photo and then a question should come up. You should then click delete. I do not have my ipod with me right now, but if this does not work you can feel free to message me. Princesseugenie step 1:plug in your ipod and click on itunes step 2:click on your ipod icon down the left hand side o (MORE)

What does tag a photo on Facebook mean?

it means that you can place a marker on a face in the photoso that people know who is who. Tagging a photo lets you select faces in a picture and list the people who appear in the photo.

How do you delete unwanted photos on facebook?

The answer is rather logical.. If you put them on you can delete them by pressing the delete button.. if someone else tagged you you can only untag yourself by looking under the picture it will say your name and all you have to do is press untag.. If the photo shows innapropriate content of you o (MORE)

How do you delete tagged photos in Facebook?

Open up the pic so that it is full size. Next to your name under the pic you will see where it says (pic/remove tag). Just click remove tag and it will disappear. -- i opened up the photo full size but on right hand corner all i got was . Share Tag This Photo Make Profile Picture Report This Phot (MORE)

How do you delete photos with an iPod Touch?

Go to the photo you want to delete. On the bottom right corner of the screen, there should be a trash can icon (if there isn't, tap the screen and it will appear). Tap the trash can icon.

How do you get photos to tag your friends on Facebook?

type the @ sign and then start to write your friends name. hope this helps. x In the search thing on Facebook you type in and then you hit like a go to application and then there are hundreds of pictures to tag ur friends with!! :)

How do you delete tagged photos on Facebook?

You cannot delete someone else's photo but if you do not want a picture you were tagged in to appear anymore, simply click the "remove tag" option under the picture to have your name (and tag) removed from the selected image.

How do you tag someone in a photo on Facebook?

First click on the photo that you wish to tag then scroll down and you should see tag this photo. Click on this then put your mouse over the place you want to tag then click. Then select the person you would like to tag. When you have finished tagging at the top of the page there is a done tagging b (MORE)

How do you delet a photo from your iPod touch?

To delete a photo from your iTouc h: 1 . Go to photos. 2 . Find the picture you want to delete. 3 . Tap it so it comes up full screen. 4. There should be a little menu of symbols at the bottom. There are 4 symbols. In order, here is what they do: first one puts picture as your iTouch wa (MORE)

How do you tag photo in facebook?

by clicking on the tag photo icon and then click who you wanna tag then when you click a shape will frame the face of that person in a photo that you want to tag then type in the name of that person then that photo is TAGGED!!

Can you delete photos off a ipod touch?

You should be able to, when you plug in your touch to your PC just click on your iPod an it has all the links at the top, one of those should be pics and you should be able to just click, sync pic with PC, or selected pics only, just click selected and unselect all the ones that you don't want. (MORE)

How do you put photos on an ipod touch without deleting others exsicting photos?

Put the new photos on the same computer the originals were from if they aren't there already. Make sure they're in the same folder you sync with normally. Connect the iPod to the same computer the original photos are on. Select the iPod in the left side-bar. Click on the Photos tab, choose All P (MORE)

How can you delete photos from your i pod touch?

You have to open iTunes from your computer, plug in your iPod with the connector, click your iPod under devices, click photos in the tabs, and unselect sync photos and all the photos that you have uploaded, embarrassing or you just don't want them will go away. Also, you can sync selected photos by (MORE)

How do you delete photos on my facebook page?

To Delete a picture: Go to: Photo's > (location of picture you want to delete) > (picture you want to delete) > delete photo (bottom right corner) To Remove a profile picture: Profile > (put mouse over your profile picture) > Change picture > remove your picture

How do you delete your photos off facebook?

Delete a single photo- click on the photo you want to delete. At the bottom left corner of the picture, there is a list of options. Click on Delete Photo . Delete an entire album- click on the album you want to delete. Click on Edit Album. In the bottom left hand corner, click on Delete Albu (MORE)

How do you tag a friend on facebook photos?

You can tag if you have facebook profile and go in your friend album and there u will see a tag option in his photo album use that option and tag photo to your any friend which are present in your friend list note - this option may be not visible in mobiles phone

How do you save photos from facebook onto your ipod touch photo album?

Get the picture on fullscreen and perform a screenshot by pressing the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously (at the same time.) You should see a white flash on the screen to tell you that the screenshot was taken, and you will find it in the Photos folder marked 'Camera Roll'. Hopef (MORE)

How do you delete photos on facebook that you've been tagged in?

You can't. You can only remove the tag. If you are friends with the person who posted it, you can kindly ask them to remove the offending picture, but unfortunately there is nothing in facebook's policy that can force them to do so. Once you have removed the tag, no one can re-tag you in that (MORE)

How do you tag a photo on facebook?

first click on the photo you want to tag, then once your on the enlarged version of it, scroll down and click 'tag this photo' then click the place where u want to tag. type in the name of the person etc. when your finished tagging click finished tagging under the pic :) hope this helps ;)

How do you download photos to facebook from an iPod touch?

There's this really useful app that I use for downloading facebook photos and albums to my iPhone called Fotobook. You can find it by looking for "Fotobook App" on the App Store. It's kinda like a photos-only facebook app that lets me conveniently browse through the latest pictures in my feed an (MORE)

Why is there no delete button for photos on your you touch?

If you select a picture, a small trash can will be in the corner. Touch it, and two options will come up: Delete Photo, and cancel. If you click on cancel, it will go back to the photo. If you click "Delete Photo", like stated, the photo will be deleted.

How do you delete a facebook photo album?

Open the album and click the gear near the top right corner. It should give option to delete album. It will ask for confirmation on whether your really sure or not. Click "yes"

How do you delete photos from iPod touch 4?

Hey there, The answer is that it depends. If you are deleting pictures you did not take with the ipod then you have to remove them from your itunes library and then re-sync your ipod. If you are deleting pictures from your Camera Roll that you took with your ipod touch then you do the folllowing: (MORE)

How do you delete a shared photo on facebook?

In order to delete a shared photo on Facebook, you must press the "Report Post" button, then press the "Remove tag" button. The photo cannot be deleted unless you were the one to upload the photo.

How do you delete tags on pictures from facebook?

Under the picture, it will usually say "In this photo" somewhere below it. After that, it will list all the tags, like names and such. If you are the original uploader of the photo, then next to each tag their will be an option to remove it. If you are not the original uploader, you can only remove (MORE)

How do you delete a photo comment on facebook?

If you mean to delete your own comment: -on the top right part of the comment you will see a pencil icon, click it and it should ask you to "edit or delete" choose delete. If you mean to delete a comment of another person in your photo posted: -again click the pencil Icon and delete. If you want (MORE)

How do you tag a photo on your Facebook?

The photo has to be on facebook. Once it is simply view it and on the left hand side there should be a few options. Click the one that says "Tag This Photo" and press where you would like the tag. type the name of the person/object you are tagging into the box that pops up and press the button on th (MORE)

How do you tag yourself in facebook photos?

to tag your self you must hover over the photo and click tag photo then click on the face of you or some one else and type your/there name in but if it is someone elses photo you will do that step but they will have to accsecpt the tag next time they see the photo