How do you disconnect transmission cooler lines with quick connect on 05 Chevrolet Cobalt?

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How do you remove the quick connect on the transmission line?

there is a tool yo do it or you can use a very small screwdriver to pull the retaining wire out. be carefull not to bend it so much that it permanitly distorts. then the line

How do you disconnect quick connect fuel lines?

Usually, the line feeding the recepticle has a collar that simply slips back away from the recepticle (You may have to push the line forward and then pull back on the collar.)

How do you disconnect a quick connect gas line?

How do you disconnect a quick connect gas line? It depends on the type that is used. There appear to be at least 5 different kinds but the one used on Saabs needs a GM disco

How do you disconnect a quick connect water line?

hold the washer at the end of the coupling (use a tool if necessary) - push it inwards (opposite to the direction you want the water line you want to come out towards) and pul

Does the lower transmission cooler line on a 2000 Impala with 3.8 liter engine and radiator with quick connects require a seal or Oring be installed on the tube before sliding into the quick connect?

If it is similar to the 2003 Bonneville with the 3.8L engine, then the answer is no. There is an O-ring inside of the quick disconnect, about 1/8" beyond the flare face that t

How do you disconnect a price pfister quick connect?

The answer is on the Price-Pfister website (Answer ID #833). The plastic collar
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How do you disconnect transmission cooler lines 05 chev cobalt?

checking the transmission fluid involves lifting the vehicle andremoving a plug on the transmission, it is quite difficult andmessy if you don't have access to a lift, the veh
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Where is transmission dipstick Chevrolet cobalt?

There actually isn't one. It's a sealed system. There is a cap tofill the transmission directly on top of the transmission. If youneed to check the level, lift the car in the
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How does a quick connect tool work to connect a hydraulic line to a transmission?

This took me a while to figure out, There are 2 different styles at least. The ford style is similar to AC lines etc and there is a tool for this. FIRST clean the line b the f
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How do you change the cooler lines on a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer transmission?

Any work under the hood of a car could be a technical process. See related links for instructions. ANS 2 You should take this opportunity to totally change the transmis