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Keywords are the soul of search engines. A good keyword can make your content so visible that you can reach millions of people in just a few minutes.
But the key question is how to find the apt keywords?
Identifying suitable keywords has always been a difficult task for all of us. The keywords can be found by using good tools that offer you the bunch of keywords for your content.
Here are few steps to follow for effective keyword research.

STEP: 1 Understand your niche - Before starting, you have to understand your niche market.
once you know who your target customers are, you can Put together an initial list of search terms that your target audience would use to find your website.

STEP: 2 Make use of Keyword research tool - There are many keyword research tools available which you can use to generate some profitable keywords from your seed word.
You have to be very careful while entering the seed keyword in the keyword research tool. If you didn't have much understanding of your niche market, then I would suggest not to rush on generating keywords.
You also have to be careful while selecting the keyword research tool. Though there is the handful of tools available, Only a few of them are trustworthy and actually useful. Since keyword research is one of the most crucial parts of SEO, you to pay more attention to it.
Personally I prefer using keywordXP Pro. because it is user-friendly and has many useful features.

STEP: 3 Keyword research using Keyword research tool - KeywordXP pro is the paid tool, but I guess the trial version of this is also available. Anyways, When using keywordXP all I need to do is to enter the seed keyword and search. But If you are using some free tool like Google keyword planner, you need to choose the region, language etc and then enter your seed word.
Since, Google keyword Planner is basically designed for Google's PPC platform (Google Adwords) you will get whole lot of irrelevant information.
All you need to check for is keyword's average monthly searches and competition level. If you get the keywords that have Low or Medium competition and good average monthly/yearly searches, you are all set.

STEP: 4 Long-tail Keywords - You might have heard this word a lot but don't know what it really means. Well, long-tail keywords are the keywords are often longer(key-phrases) and used by potential customers who are very much likely to purchase.
You don't see long-tail keywords in the results if you are using "Google Keyword Planner" as they have very less monthly searches, but keywordXP Pro can find these long tail keywords, You can target these keywords and get most out of it.
Hope you will find this information useful.
Good Luck With your keyword research...
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