How do you download Adobe Flash Player onto a DSI. If you can't is there any other type of program that can be used the same?

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There will be some things you can't play without the adobe flash player, it will probably say 'flash out of date' or something like that, so press on it and then install it
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How do you download adobe flash player on the Nintendo wii?

On the Wii you can't download adobe flash version 8 (Which you need for most web- sites) because adobe flash version 8 only works with regular computer types, such as Windows and Macintosh. But the wii comes with adobe flash version 7, which works with a few websites.

Who are using adobe flash players?

Flash is almost everywhere. Millions of people are using a Flash player of some sort regardless of the name of the player at thousands of web pages all over the world. If you access websites such as YouTube for example, then you are a Flash Player user. These sites convert movie clips to lightweight (MORE)

Is adobe flash player the same as macromedia flash player?

ummm i think it is. i got told to download the same thing and when i did the security thing popped up and it said that macromedia made it. anyway i hope this helps and make sure that if you' re installing something make sure that its not a fraud Actually, Adobe bought Macromedia back in the end of (MORE)

Is there a way to download adobe flash player on a dsi?

YES THERE IS! . YOU GO TO (on your DSi) THEN PRESS GET FLASH PLAY HALF WAY DOWN OR SOMETHING(it will say it somewhere!) THEN SELECT AN POERATING SYSTEM....SELECT: fireball0.3.0..... if that isen't there.....OH WELL!!!!!!(i did it and now i have flash player on my DSi!!!!!) it should say t (MORE)

Where do you download adobe flash player besides the adobe website?

It is safest to download the player and plugin directly from I personally would not trust a link in a third party application or website unless it is directly affiliated with Adobe. The player and plugin are both free, so don't be afraid that you may have gotten one without permission.

How do you install adobe flash player on dsi?

Open google and search metaface, and open the metaface website click to play any video, then you can install flash player in Opera browser, Really its work i have tried it.

Where do you download an adobe flash player?

You can download Adobe Flash Player from the Adobe website. AdobeFlash Player allows one to view multimedia, use internetapplications, and stream videos. To download Adobe Flash Player, copy one of the two non-hyperlinkedwebsites down below and paste it into a new tab window. (MORE)

Are Adobe reader 9 and Adobe flash player the same program?

Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash player are not the same program. Adobe Reader is a PDF document reader that enables users to open PDF files from within their Internet browsers, or from their hard drives. Adobe Flash player is used to allow users to view web-based animations, games, videos, advertisemen (MORE)

Can you download a flash player on a dsi?

There were some previous flash cards that used to work. But Nintendo is very money grubbing and they want you to buy their games so they made it so flash cards cannot boot. DSi only has 16 GB of ram so flash would probably run like snails on it anyway.

How do you put adobe flash player on your dsi?

u simply CANNOT, because it is not made for youtube and other videos, and it is not made for the psp, and dsi browsers, if it did it would've came in the box and both systems would be more money.... :(:(:(;) there is a work around called and the idsibrowser from :20idsitheman@y (MORE)

How do you download Adobe Flash Player with Mozilla Firefox?

You can download Adobe flash player the same way as you would do normally since Mozilla Firefox is rather similar to many of the other browsers in that they share the same basic functions. Below is a link to the website which you can download flash player from (it works on Firefox):

What type of program is Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash Pro is an application that can create a wide variety of applications, animations, presentations and online content. You can make anything from a simple web button with a tiny script to run a common task to a full spread, high quality multimedia presentation. If you've even done something (MORE)

How do download Adobe Flash Player?

You will need to copy one of the two non-hyperlinked websites Ihave put down below and paste it into a new tab window.. Be sure to know what Operating System and browser you are runningto ensure that you are installing the correct (MORE)

Why can't I get Adobe Flash Player for my Android tablet?

because you android tablet is stupid! parce que votre tablette Android est stupide! debido a su tableta androide es estúpido ! weil Ihr Android Tablette ist dumm! 因为你的Android片剂是愚蠢的! perché la compressa di Android è stupido ! !ב (MORE)

What can you use instead of adobe flash player?

its hard to answer the question but. real player can partly work for some files i have a similar problem as even though adobe is trust worthy i dont want to risk putting my anti virus or fire wall down even if its temp but finding something to replace it is hard because of he coding if some one can (MORE)

Can you download adobe flash player on the iPod touch?

Adobe does not make a Flash Player that you can download to the iPod Touch, nor would Apple approve the app if they did. You can, however, use Skyfire as an alternative (assuming the flash is video), or, if you jailbreak your iPod Touch, you could try the "frash" application in Cydia (you'll have to (MORE)

Can you use adobe flash player on a MacBook?

Yes. Macs use OSX and can run Flash apps. Be sure to get the newest FLASH VERSION from Adobe . NEVER use a link to get Flash. That is a often a back door for malware. iOS on iPhones and iPads can not use Flash.

How do you download the adobe flash player for your IPod for free?

Ipods do not support that... i did something for you, now please download the app "app trailers" for ipod/iphone. Then enter "controlledsink" in the "use a bonus code" You will get points to redeem them into gift cards. All you need is an email adress and its 100% free.

How do you download adobe flash player on DSi XL?

You cannot download Adobe Flash Player. When you go online, you can only look at stuff on Google basically, but nothing else. I tried to download it one time, but Nintendo wouldn't let me. There are people who are trying to change Nintendo's mind, though.

Can you download adobe flash player?

No. iPhones do not support flash play, and while most Android phones these days say they do, instead of being asked to download flash, you will get a message saying "Not available on mobile", so ya. This does not include the YouTube pluggin of course, you can't have any smartphone without YouTube.

How does one download Adobe Flash Player?

You can download Adobe Flash Player from the Adobe website. AdobeFlash Player allows one to view multimedia, use internetapplications, and stream videos. To download Adobe Flash Player, copy one of the two non-hyperlinkedwebsites down below and paste it into a new tab window. (MORE)

Where can one download the Adobe Flash Player?

The Adobe Flash player can be most reliable downloaded directly from the main Adobe website, as they always have the latest version available. Other free download sites may also have Adobe Flash player on their list.

Where can one download Adobe Flash player update?

One can download a copy of Adobe Flash Player and the update from the Adobe website.Adobe Flash Player is basically software for viewing animations on websites and watching movies or playing games.If one does not have this then when visiting certain websites it may pop up that Adobe is needed.

Where could one download Adobe Flash Player 10?

There are a large variety of different places available where it is possible for one to download Adobe Flash Player 10. These places include, but are not limited to, the Flash Player website.