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How do you download Adobe Flash Player onto a DSI. If you can't is there any other type of program that can be used the same?

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There will be some things you can't play without the adobe flash player, it will probably say 'flash out of date' or something like that, so press on it and then install it
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Is there any program like Adobe Flash Player?

  Yes. The most notable alternative to Adobe Flash Player is known as gnash. However, it lacks a great deal of compatibility with newer versions of Adobe flash Player.

What programming language does Adobe Flash Player use to play flash movies and games?

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash Player uses ActionScript to control elements in flash videos, and to make calculations, upon which basis the changes are made. It is a script

Where do you download adobe flash player besides the adobe website?

It is safest to download the player and plugin directly from Adobe.com. I personally would not trust a link in a third party application or website unless it is directly affil

Where do you download an adobe flash player?

You can download Adobe Flash Player from the Adobe website. Adobe  Flash Player allows one to view multimedia, use internet  applications, and stream videos.   To downloa

Are Adobe reader 9 and Adobe flash player the same program?

Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash player are not the same program. Adobe Reader is a PDF document reader that enables users to open PDF files from within their Internet browsers, o

How do you put adobe flash player on your dsi?

u simply CANNOT, because it is not made for youtube and other videos, and it is not made for the psp, and dsi browsers, if it did it would've came in the box and both systems

How do you download adobe flash player on DSi XL?

You cannot download Adobe Flash Player. When you go online, you can only look at stuff on Google basically, but nothing else. I tried to download it one time, but Nintendo wou

Can you download adobe flash player?

No. iPhones do not support flash play, and while most Android phones these days say they do, instead of being asked to download flash, you will get a message saying "Not avail